The Annie Sloan Beginner Painting Workshop

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Last Saturday, I took a beginner painting workshop using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Filmgo Sales in Vancouver.  They are one of the 2 Annie Sloan Chalkpaint stockists in the lower mainland. The other one is in Langley. I am so happy that my good friend, Myrna who is a vintage fanatic and an avid furniture painter took the class with me. We were very excited as we entered the shop and headed to their studio at the back.  

Sarah, our instructor is very informative and experienced in furniture painting for years. She took the Annie Sloan stockist workshop in the US to be able to teach this class.

The first thing we did was to put all the colors on paper to see all the colors available and to choose which one would be good for any of the projects we’d like to make.  After that, we get to paint! Yay! On a piece of wood we used the Pure White and painted with texture.  This is what amazes me, all the rules on painting surfaces, where it has to be even, one direction, etc. are all dismissed in this style of painting. There are no rules! We were encouraged to put more paint, paint in all directions and achieve a certain texture. We first used Pure White and Old White. And the middle board was a combination of both, which Annie calls, Simple White. We put a little bit of Clear Soft Wax to seal the paint and buffed it with cloth or steel wool for some shine. You’ll know you’re done once it feels smooth to the touch. On the same board, we applied a Dark Wax on top of the Clear Wax and you can see a different effect it created on the cracks, giving it a vintage look. I also did it with Aubusson Blue.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colour Palette
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colour Palette

The crackled effect you see is called “impasto”.

Annie Sloan Sample Board
Annie Sloan Sample Board.  Notice the cracks and lines created.
Top: With Aubusson Blue, Middle: With Clear Wax, Bottom: With Dark Wax
Left: With Pure White,  Center: Combination of Pure and Old Whites, called Simple White, Right: With Old White

After that, we also learned to create the washed, dragged, distressed effect. I picked the Florence colour dragged with Pure White. I like this style to obtain a cottage feel look.  I also have a plan of doing this on our dining table but in gray as I would like it to match our kitchen floor.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Washed, Dragged, Distressed effect in Florence and Pure White.
White wash on gray
White wash on gray. A similar look I want to achieve for our dining table.

Lastly, we learned how to do distressing. I picked the colors Graphite (almost like black but with a  dark grayish tone) and Emperor Silk Red. On two pieces of wood, I painted one with the color I chose, used a hair dryer to dry it quickly, and then paint it again with the other color on top. Graphite as the first coat, dried, and then painted it in red and dried again. And vise versa. For the one with Emperor’s silk on top, I thought it is too bright for a red. Using a damp sponge, both the soft and the rough sides, we scrubbed off the outer collor for a distressed look. A sponge is used rather than sand paper for more control.  After distressing, I then topped it with the dark wax to seal. The effect was just dramatic, making it look more of a deep bloody red. I just loved it! I am planning to paint my wooden serving tray in this color and our tv stand. Watch out for the next post!

Distressed look. Graphite on Empeor's Silk Red.
Distressed look. Graphite on Empeor’s Silk Red.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Distressed look. Emperor’s silk on Graphite.

What do I love about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Annie Sloan is dubbed as the paint legend. I added a video of her below demonstrating the paint she created. I particularly liked this video of her (watch until she does the demo) as she mentioned about having 3 boys and being a busy mom but not leaving her passion for art. Instead, she created something that would fit her lifestyle. So here’s what’s amazing about this. You can paint as soon as you can without draining the creative in you.. No need to sand the item before painting and no primer needed! To those who’ve painted before, you know how long prepping an item (imagine a bigger furniture) for painting entails! Just thinking of sanding, rubbing off old paint or stain is already tiring. With chalk paint, you just go and paint and seal with wax! Best of all, if you’re trying to achieve a vintage look, there is no right or wrong, no rules, you can be as creative as you like. I can even see Rianne painting with me. No hesitations. The possibilities are just endless! Chalk Paint also adheres to almost anything, including fabric. Isn’t that enough reason to paint?! For me, i just could not stop thinking of what to paint next. And a bonus! Chalk Paint® is eco-friendly too. It contains extremely low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has no odor.

So if you’ve been planning to add a pop of colour to your home or would like to rejuvenate a piece of furniture, go ahead! Do it! I tell you, you’ve got time and you’ll love it! It is still work, but you’ll be surprised what your hands can do and give yourself a pat in the back for a job well done. And here’s some more photos from our class and Rianne modelling the samples we made.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
My friend Myrna and I during the class.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The sample boards we created and took home with us.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
More sample boards.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Up close look of the painted boards.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Would you like to try painting with chalk paint? Do you have any projects in mind? I’m so excited to know! So comment away!
Happy Painting!
With love,

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  1.' Reena Venkatesh says:

    Thank you Anne for sharing this lovely artwork! I am very intrigued. Love your post , loved reading about your experience with the paint colors & creating the textures!!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks, Reena! It’s really easy and simple to use. I can’t wait to start painting the pieces I have in mind. 🙂 You should try it too!

  2.' Filmgo Sales says:

    hi Anne THANKS so much for coming to our Sat morning class at our workshop at Filmgo Sales. Hope you can make it in to do an advanced class soon.

    1. anneshetty says:

      I would love to! Thanks so much! I’ts amazing. In fact, I just finished a small project. I will write about it as soon as I can and share it with you! Loved it!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you for sharing it!! It is a great workshop! 🙂

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