Blogpost Series #2 – Anne and Annie: Discovering my inner artist

So who’s Annie? I can’t believe our names are so similar.  Must be destiny!

I was inspired by the movie, Julie and Julia, where Julie reinvigorated her life by challenging herself to try 524 recipes in 365 days from Julia Child‘s first book and blogged about her journey.  Now, I think I’ve found my Julia in the name of Annie Sloan.  It’s funny how a movie can ignite your thoughts and start something new.  I am so excited!

Annie Sloan is the name behind the famous decorative paint called Chalk Paint®. She has inspired many to start painting furniture in simple ways and different techniques.  

So how did it all start?

Pinterest! I would go to Pinterest from time to time and look for some items I need in our home that I would like to do on my own.  I would see some really nice repainted or repurposed furnitures, painting techniques like white washing and distressing, and would dream of making one for our home.  I’ve created a “Create” board where I pin all these creative ideas.  On mother’s day, I went for my morning walk in our neighbourhood and decided to check out our local bookshop, Companion Book and got my first copy of Annie Sloan’s book, the Simple Painted Furniture, published in 1989. I was in awe! I loved it! What a perfect Mother’s day gift to myself! How she incorporates simple art to her furnitures empowers you to do something your own. I felt like I don’t have to be an expert to do one.  There’s nothing to be scared of.  So I decided to embark on this journey.  I borrowed a few other books from the library and I am drooling as I turn the pages and could not stop imagining, dreaming. I’ve looked at the books over and over again

My first book by Annie Sloan
My first book by Annie Sloan
Annie Sloan books borrowed from the library
Annie Sloan’s books borrowed from the library
Annie Sloan inspired furnitures
Annie Sloan inspired furnitures

Now, the dreaming is over.. It’s time to do it! I won’t do hundreds in 6 months.. but I’ll take a leap and try with a few pieces in our home. No more afraid of trying and making mistakes.  Just learning and enjoying the journey.

She’s also a blogger and you can follow her here. And you can also interact with so many furniture painters on her Facebook page where you’ll get more inspired to start one.

Have you been wanting to try something new? I’d like to know.  Let’s do it together and inspire each other.

Here’s some projects I’ve done:

Project #1 – The Red Mantel Clock

Project #2 – The Repainted Rattan Beauty

Project #3 – Chalk Paint on Fabric – The Blue Mason Bag

Project #4 – The Serving Tray

Project #5 – The Rocking Chair

With love,


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  1.' Reena says:

    Could not help but say – This is like Julie & Julia!!!

  2.' Reena says:

    Anne, this reminds me of when I started to do Glass Painting. Blogging was not in vogue then back in 2000. Only difference I had gone to the Library & picked up a book on glass painting. Did not document anything though, but probably have some early designs that I scanned and stored somewhere in the hard drives. Maybe time to revive all that …..!!!

  3. anneshetty says:

    Yes, Reena! time to revive them all! Time to show the world what an artist you are 🙂

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