Coming Soon in July! Paper Art Workshop by Verna Segui!

Hello Everyone!

I am very happy to announce that I will be hosting our very first workshop this July!  Introducing Paper Art by Verna Segui.  Please read more about her on this blogpost.

I would love for you to join! Please contact me using the contact form for more details.

Live Art, Share Art!

Paper flowers
Paper flowers

With Love,


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  1.  /></span>			<cite class="fn"><a href=Christina Waschko says:

    This is so wonderful! You did it, congratulations Anne on making this workshop come true! One day I am part of it, I know! As for what I want to learn, hmmm, let me think about it…ah, would like to know how to make something new look old- ? The other way would be better- I love the antiques look!

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