Paper Art by Verna Rayco Segui

I met Verna Rayco Segui at the Vancouver Health and Wellness Show last spring.  Her daughter Janelle was at the gymnastics play area with Rianne.  With her friendly nature, she approached me and complimented my daughter being very independent and mature.  And from there, we became Facebook friends.  Little did I know that she is a talented crafter! An artist by heart!  I would see her works that she posts and I was amazed by its beauty and intricacy.

In this blog, I would like to feature people and their art.  Just lately, I realized how much I am surrounded by people with artistic talents just waiting to be known to the world.  I want to foster that.  I want them to show the world the work of their hands.  Everytime I see art, I am mesmerized by the detail, the expression, and the freedom that they express. I give much love and respect for the time and effort and the heart they’ve put in it.

Verna is a working mom with a lovely 9 year old daughter, Janelle and a wonderful husband, Ramon Dean. They live in Vancouver, British Columbia – The Best Place on Earth! Her passion for Arts & Crafts gave her the inspiration to explore Paper Art.

Verna Rayco Segui and her family
Verna Rayco Segui and her family

Her love & passion for arts and crafts started at a very young age, she and her sister are surrounded with lots of artistic family members. But, not until she started working in an export company that triggered the artistic side of her to come out. She said, “I truly love what I did, it din’t feel like work, I was working with lots of great artists and designers”.  She was assigned for sourcing different products and travelled a lot. She would approve designed products for foreign buyers and even handled accounts for big companies like Harrods, Armani Exchange, Pier I Imports, Wal-Mart to name a few. She also ventured in owning a trading company, supplying to various department stores, book stores, and beauty companies. When she migrated to Vancouver, she was totally cut-off from the job she loves, and that’s when she started searching what other crafts she can do, and finally found Paper Art and now she continues to master this. When asked “Why Paper Art?”, she said, “the materials are easily available and also easy to manipulate.” She finds that her passion for arts and crafts is addictive and at the same time therapeutic..and that she’s ready to share this to everyone.

Here are some of Verna’s work:

Paper flowers
Paper flowers made up of music notes
Paper flowers
Beautiful paper flowers
Spring wreath
Colourful spring wreath
Decorated shoe
Intricately decorated shoe
Acrylic painting
Acrylic painting

I asked her what message can she give to those who want to try a craft and this is what she said “continue to explore and experiment with your artistic ideas, enjoy and share the fruit of your labor”.  And I definitely agree.  I remember a quote that says “An artist dies as soon as he stops making his art”. I really think so.

Verna is also interested in scrapbooking, altering/repurposing, drawing, painting, soap making, candle making, preserving fruit/vegetable and sewing.

There you go.. A woman, a mom, a crafter, and a passionate artist.

You can see Verna’s work on her Facebook Page, Artsy Collection and on her blog.

Have you tried paper art? I hope you can join us in one of the workshops Verna will be sharing with us soon!

Live Art, Share Art!


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  1.' elmer says:

    keep up the good work Ate Verns! nice blog! continue sharing. 🙂

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you! Verna is a great artist and we have to show the world 🙂

  2.  /></span>			<cite class="fn"><a href=Rita Seed says:

    Hi Anne,
    I am singing up for the classes and appreciate your review. I think it looks amazing value for money. Off to check out the rest of your blog xx

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