[Series#1 – Post#1] Hats Off Day at The Heights

We moved to this neighbourhood almost 7 months ago and it’s only now that I’ve heard of the Hats Off Day. They’ve been celebrating it for decades and this year marks their 30th year!

I was so excited when I found about this. I saw the Hats Off Day posters on every store I walked by.  So I planned to go with the whole family.

The night before, I was sewing a top I wanted to wear (will post this too, coming soon!) and finished it at almost 5:00 am! Yikes! Rianne woke up at 8:30, ready and excited! I got up at 9:00 AM (no sleeping in!). So I get everyone ready but I couldn’t make it in time for the parade which I think started arriving in our area at 10:00. We heard it from our patio. Rianne stood there and watched while our lovely neighbors looked after her (thank goodness!) so I can get Ryan ready and setup the stroller.  I rushed and finally we were able to go on the streets and watched it close! Yippee! Rianne was the happiest kid on earth!

Super happy kiddo!
Super happy kiddo!
Rianne trying to show Ryan the parade
Rianne trying to show Ryan the parade

What an awesome sunny day it was! This festival is all about giving back to the community where the merchants of Burnaby Heights also known as The Heights gave back through this one day festival with a parade, bands, vintage cars, a mini train ride for kids, bouncy castles, face painting, henna tattoo and lots of fun stuff for the whole family. The whole program is packed with lots of things to see and do! The merchants also made some Hats off Day Specials for everyone to enjoy.  This is a super fun event and trully a must see every year! This will be one of our family’s yearly traditions for sure!

IMG_7188 IMG_7177

Photo with Pear Tree Restaurant's Chef
Photo with The Peartree Restaurant’s Chef

Here are some photo highlights for you to enjoy and more on Facebook!

IMG_7140 IMG_7129 IMG_7119 IMG_7153 IMG_7172 IMG_7183 IMG_7162 IMG_7179

Hope you can join us next year!

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