47 More Years Until Our Golden Anniversary!

Hi Honey, Happy Anniversary! Wohooo! 47 more years ad we will be celebrating our Golden Anniversary! I love you so much!

Today, I looked back and thought, that’s only 3 years? Feels like forever! A forever I would always want.

Ricky, my partner, my other half, my husband.. I couldn’t imagine life without you.  You make life happier.  Your happiness and passion is uplifting.  Your intelligence and smartness still makes me head over heels for you.  Your dreams make me dream bigger.  You taught me so many things.  I’m glad I married YOU.

What a wonderful day it is today God has blessed us with to celebrate with Rianne and Ryan.  What a beautiful family we have.. What an amazing man, my husband, I am with.

R & A.  Together Forever. 3 Years & Counting.

Ricky and Anne Shetty
May we smile this happily together..
Ricky and Anne Shetty
May we laugh our hearts out together..
Ricky and Anne Shetty
May we look forward to the future together..
Ricky and Anne Shetty
R & A. Together Forever. 3 years & counting.

With all my love,


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  1.  /></span>			<cite class="fn"><a href=Farhanna Charming says:

    Love this! You are super talented & wonderful Anne.

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you Farhanna!

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