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This is a post for the series, Rediscovering Hastings St. – The Heights in Burnaby.

Let me start this blog by saying, I LOVE this blog series.  I think, that’s even an understatement.  I am so lucky to be in such vibrant community with merchants so talented and creative. I am so privileged to get to know them in person through my blog.  I am happy that I decided to do this.  What I am experiencing and learning is just invaluable.

Every time I walk along The Heights (we are on the north side of Hastings and Esmond), I see this beautiful flower shop, Plush Floral Studio, across the street but never had the chance to take a look inside. This time, I’m glad I did! The beauty you see from the outside is incomparable to what you’ll see inside! And I came at the right time.  All the flowers have just been delivered! The whole studio was packed with beautiful, colourful flowers!

The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Plush Floral Studio’s store front. You just can’t resist to come in!
Burnaby Flower shop Floral Studio
Bright, Sunny, Happy Sunflowers ready to greet you anytime of the day!

Meet the Owner, Mandy Karpoff

The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Owner, Mandy Karpoff in her beautiful studio, Plush Floral Studio.

Plush Floral Studio has been in the Heights for almost 4 years! Wow! That is success! Mandy Karpoff is very talented, creative, artistic and as vibrant as her flowers.  You can all see that very evident in her studio, not just in her floral arrangements but also in her sign boards and visual displays.

The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
A lyrics from a song she artistically handwritten herself.
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Another beautiful quote.. I really like this.. Very inspiring! “THE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO FIND YOUR GIFT AND THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO GIVE IT AWAY” — Picasso
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Hanging white lanterns and leaves adhered onto a board and painted in purple, all are Mandy’s artistic style in visual display.

Mandy has been doing flowers rooting back when she was a teenager in Alberta until she moved to Vancouver and finally found a home in The Heights for her passion for flowers. Mandy has been trained and worked with a lot of European style flower arrangements. She describes her arrangements being contemporary and minimalistic with not a lot of fillers, bringing emphasis to the beauty of the flowers.  She also uses flowers that last a long time like orchids.

The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Beautiful white orchids. Reminds me of my Dad.. He used to grow orchids and he is really good!
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Floral arrangements at Plush Floral Studio.
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Beautiful and delicate white and light pink Anthurium.

This is not just your ordinary flower shop.. Plush floral studio has been voted as “Burnaby’s Best Flower Shop” for 3 years in a row!! Isn’t that amazing?! A proof to the the quality and beauty of service Plush Floral Studio provides to its clients.  You should try it yourself!

The Heights Flower shop Floral Studio
Burnaby’s Best Flower Shop Award

Here’s my interview with owner, Mandy Karpoff.

The Flowers and Plants

Plush Floral Studio has many varieties of flowers you can choose from for all your occasions or to gift to yourself.

The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Fall in love with these red roses!
The Heights Flower shop Floral Studio
Bring in some cheer with these bright orange Gerberas.
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Nothing beats the classic Blue Hydrangeas

Plush Floral Studio also offers a variety of plants you can take home with you to create your own little zen.

The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
The Pony Tail Palm. Arent they cute? They are!
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
The Cycas Palm.


The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
The Heights  Flower shop Floral Studio
Air plants in glass you can hang on your ceiling.

And Workshops!

Yes! She does offer workshops in her studio! Whether you bring your own vase and create your own arrangement and learn so much more! And kids workshops too! So make sure to inquire and ask her for upcoming events!

I hope that you get a glimpse of Eden through her beautiful studio.  If you want to, surprise someone special, brighten up someone’s day, bring sunshine to a rainy, cloudy Vancouver day, or buy yourself something pretty, make sure you check out Plush Floral Studio in The Heights!  You will surely get the freshest and most beautiful flowers in town that fits any budget!

Plush Floral Studio is located at 3978B Hastings St. (between Ingleton and MacDonald).  You can also check their website and order online at or call 604-291-9988.  

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