Chickadee Boutique, Bringing Fashion to the Heights

This is a post for the series, Rediscovering Hastings Street – The Heights in Burnaby.

We moved to The Heights last year and I walk on this street almost everyday as I take Rianne to the library, buy my groceries or just go for a quick 2 hour break alone for myself.  I love this neighborhood.  It has a variety of shops that will keep you entertained and the community feel that welcomes you.  One of the shops on this street I’ve been wanting to see is Chickadee Boutique.  It’s one of the retail stores in the area housing women’s fashion.  Why would I not check it out?.. it’s got clothes, accessories, shoes, bags.. everything a woman wants.  And this boutique makes me reminisce the days when I worked as an intern at a designer boutique, Blushing Boutique in downtown Vancouver.

Meet the Owner

One day as I was walking with my stroller carrying both Rianne and Ryan and both are asleep (hooray!), I finally decided to look inside the store and I loved it. I met Anna that day and asked her if I can do a blogpost about her boutique for a series I am doing.  She was very friendly and very welcoming.  So we set up some time for me to come to take pictures and do an interview.

Chickadee Boutique
Owner of Chickadee Boutique, Anna Santorelli.

Anna has always had a strong interest in fashion.  She used to work for Eaton’s and the visual team at Holt Renfrew.  In fact, the artistic visual display of white paper birds floating by the windows is her own creation.  A masterpiece on its own.  As well as some paper flowers hanging on the walls.  All these add to the professional and sophisticated look of the boutique.

Chickadee Boutique
Chickadee Boutique’s Window Display.

Chickadee Boutique

Chickadee Boutique
Paper flowers on the wall.

Owning a boutique is something she’s always wanted to do and she felt that it is the right time for her.  Living in the Heights, she felt that it is just a natural thing to open the boutique in this location.  Knowing it’s people and the vibrant community, she opened Chickadee Boutique 3 years ago.  The idea was born of a feeling and wanting to bring the “Downtown feel” to the Heights and to the community. You wouldn’t have to go Downtown, it’s just a few blocks away from you and you can find beautiful, in style and quality clothing.  One of her goals is to create “The Experience” where you are assisted by knowledgeable, and friendly staff to help you find the perfect piece, as well as to create the feeling of being in a “Fashionista’s closet” with a mix of high and low merchandise.

Here’s my interview with owner, Anna Santorelli.

So what will you see inside the boutique?

I hope these pictures would do justice how beautiful, welcoming , fashionable this boutique is with all the selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, make up and so much more from local and international brands.

Did you know that they’ve intentionally laid out the boutique with the thought of moms with strollers just like me to be able to stroll in and move around.. That’s one of the best things, I think, in belonging to a community of merchants that thinks about serving the people around them.

Chickadee Boutique
Beautifully and Functionally laid out Boutique.  Oh and I love that Chandelier!

The best thing about summer for me? Dresses! They also have dresses for all occasions, casual or formal or if you just want to dress up, you’ve got to check this out!

Chickadee Boutique
Summer Dresses! Hooray!

Ready for the summer nights chill?

Chickadee Boutique
Tops and thin sweaters to keep you warm from the occasional summer chill.

Ready to be bold?

Chickadee Boutique
Be Brave and Beautiful with a Boldly Printed Maxi Dress!
Chickadee Boutique
And more!

Need make-up?  Why not organic, natural and with a heart, helping YWCA Canada!

Chickadee Boutique
Evelyn Iona Cosmetics

Looking for that special piece of jewelry or accessory?

Chickadee Boutique
Glitter and Glam! A full shelf of jewelries.
Chickadee Boutique
Beautiful Accessories and some are from local designers!
Chickadee Boutique
Bracelets by local Vancouver designer Vanisa Taylor.

And this is my favourite piece.  What a great reminder.. that I am in this world and that I should make the most of the time I’ve got. I just love it.  Very symbolic for me.

Chickadee Boutique
A necklace with vintage inspired pendant with a map on one side and clock on the other side.
Chickadee Boutique
The pendant clock.

When you come by, make sure you stop and read this door of inspiration.  It’ll surely bring a smile to your face.

Chickadee Boutique
The Audrey Hepburn door of inspiration.

And this is what resonated with me the most.. “I believe that happy girls, are the prettiest girls”.. and when I told Anna, it’s what she chose to put at the back of their personalized cards. What a coincidence! Just lovely! 🙂

Chickadee Boutique

And this is me just having fun.. conquering my fears, exploring, making friends, enjoying myself, and being happy.. because, the happiest girls are the prettiest girls. 🙂

Look at the mirror!
Look at the mirror!
Chickadee Boutique
Anna, Myself and Julia.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!  Make sure whenever you’re in The Heights that you stop by, check out the boutique and say hello to Anna and Julia so you can personally feel what I am writing about.

Chickadee Boutique’s flagship store is located at 4347 East Hastings St., Burnaby (Hastings and Rosser).  You can also check their website at or call 604-569-1116.  You can also check out their pop-up store in North Vancouver, located at 1667 Lonsdale Ave.

With love,




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