June Recap and What’s for July

I started my blog last month on June 1st and for the first month here’s what I’ve done:

Here’s what I’m planning for July

  • 1 sewing project (a summer dress)
  • 2 painting projects (the tv stand and the tray, or maybe just the tray, lol)
  • 2 featured Hastings street merchant
  • 2 workshops (watch out for this!)

I am writing this down to keep myself accountable.  🙂 Hoping to do them as these are the things that make my soul sing and soar.  But I have to remind myself that I am not doing these to stress myself out to reach my goals but to have fun and enjoy the journey.  If I stress myself out, then I defeat it’s very purpose of giving me happiness and peace.

Also, I have this dream I am planning on making a reality.  So keep me in your prayers to give me courage and wisdom and most of all the will to do it, for myself, my family and the community.

When I turned my calendar for July, this is what I saw ” Don’t let your dreams be dreams”. Wow! I am just in awe.. like it’s talking to me.. I think, I’ve found my passion and now I can relate to people who are doing what they love to do.. I encourage you to find your passion and live your dream.  I am currently in the process.. 🙂

July Calendar

To everyone reading my blog, to those I’ve wrote about, to those who have commented and encouraged me,  I THANK YOU so much! For letting me share with you..  May you continue to Journey with me.

With gratitude,



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