Making Memories at Dinotown {and a Giveaway}

To Rianne, I am writing this to remember how much fun you had the day we went to Dinotown.  You were only 2 yrs. old and Ryan was 8 mos. old.

Last Saturday, Daddy drove us to Cultus Lake, Chiliwack to see Dinotown.  The day before, I’ve already been telling you that we are going to see dinosaurs and that tomorrow will be a fun day! I can see how excited you are. And I love it! You are a smart kid and full of fun and excitement.  On the day, I dressed you up making sure you wear your most comfortable stretchy pants, cotton long sleeves to protect you from the sun or the chill.. we live in Vancouver, and we learn to have fun, rain or shine, dry or wet, hot or cold.  On the way to the car, I push your brother with the stroller as I sing to you, “we’re gonna see some dinosaurs!” and you run to the car as cutely as you can be.  You are a funny little girl. Super cute.  You probably are wondering what the day will be.  You fell asleep on the way and we woke you up when we arrived. As usual, you are still in dreamland trying to figure things out. lol. I pushed the stroller once more with you and your brother..

And then the fun begins..

We were greeted with Daddy’s friends (at this age, you like saying the word “fwends” and you are getting the concept.  You are very friendly!) and you, always independent as you are went around and explore, trying the mini golf, touching the dinosaur sculptures, looking at other kids, observing.

Rianne at the mini golf area.
And you made good friends!

And then we went further to see the 5-acre land of fun where you saw gigantic inflatable dinosaurs, water slides, bouncy castles, kids zipline, giant maze, pedal cars, paddle boats a doll house, swings, slides and many many more fun stuff!

Rianne on the swing.


Giant Dinosaur

At your age, what you enjoyed the most is the meet and greet with the dinosaurs, the dinosaur show, the parade where you happily shake your pom poms, and your special time dancing with the dinosaurs.  I was so happy to see you interacting, following and having fun.  I can see your mind at work full of curiosity.

Meet and greet with the dinosaurs.
Rianne shaking pom poms.

And here’s a video of you dancing with the dinosaurs to the tune of Tailor Swift’s famous song! You are just adorable! This for me is the highlight of that day!

And then to finish the day, of course you wouldn’t say no for some good ice cream!

Rianne choosing ice cream.

And of course you finished it so quickly..

Gone! So Quickly!

And we are one silly family!

Under the Dino’s claws!


Ryan and Mommy had lots of fun too!

Mommy and Ryan.


Rianne, I wrote this so when you grow up you can read and see this for yourself and be reminded of a happy childhood with Mommy, Daddy and Ryan.  And it is my prayer that these memories will last a lifetime and bring us closer as a family.  We love you so much!

Ricky, I commend you for what you do.  Thank you for making these things happen not just for our family but for others.  I always tell Rianne that sharing is fun! And it is and will always be! They will be proud of you.. and I am very proud of you!


We are so happy that Ricky and I can share this wonderful experience to other families! Dinotown FUNLAND has provided us with a free 1 family pack for 4 (2adults/2children) to give to our readers to make memories of your own with your family.

To enter, like Dinotown on Facebook and leave a comment on this post by going back in time to remember and share your fondest childhood memory.  I would love to hear it!

So come on, and have some fun, celebrate with your family and create your own memories at Dinotown FUNland!

You can also read Ricky’s post and join his giveaway of Dinotown here.

* Contest valid for BC residents only to use this summer 2014. Winner will be selected at random.



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    I totally remember Dino town as a child. We are bringing our son on his first family vacation and cultus lake was one of the places we wanted to stop

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