Our First Workshop – How did it go?

I would describe it in 3 words: Fun, Creative and most of all Inspiring!

Just last Saturday, July 19th, I hosted our very first workshop at home, Paper Art with Verna Segui.  When I first thought of it, there are just so many questions in my mind.. who will do it? can it be done at home?  will we have enough people to join? can we fit in our condo? will it rain? and the list goes on and on.. and then there was fear..

I am so glad I did it and hosted it!  When I saw Verna’s work (you can read about her in this blogpost), I knew she has so much creativity to share and teach, and when I met her, I knew she loves being creative, it makes her happy, it makes her soul soar.

When I told her I wanted to host a workshop with her teaching her craft, she was hesitant, scared but at the same time excited.  She has never done it before.  But I think, it is only when you put yourself into it, that’s when you know you can do it! Verna, you were awesome! And you should be proud! 🙂

Verna, came in early to set up (and helped me get ready as she looked after Ryan! Thanks so much!).  As we set up, it is finally sinking in, that we will be doing this workshop in a few minutes.  We greeted each other with hugs and smiles and I was literally jumping and screaming for joy and excitement! (Her daughter was even wondering what’s going on and I said, “Tita is just super excited and happy for your Mommy and myself too”).

Vancouver Craft Workshop
All set with freshly picked hydrangeas! Monogram journals by Minted.com and decorative flowers prepared by Verna.
Vancouver Craft and Art Workshop
Janelle (Verna’s daughter) and Rianne decorating my board.
Vancouver Craft and Art Workshop
The little artists!

As the participants arrived, we were able to get to know a little bit about each other. Make friends, both old and new.  And this is one of the reasons why I started hosting workshops.  The world is full of friends you just haven’t met!

The photos would speak louder than words, so here they are.. showing community, creativity, fun and beauty!

Vancouver Craft and Art Workshop
Everyone was busy creating and learning! Including Janelle (Verna’s daughter) and Angela (Susan’s niece).

Ryan woke up, so I had to hold him. So Rianne took my place.  She, totally surprised me.. I thought she’ll be disruptive, but she was so engaged when I let her did mine.  I was in awe!  Aside for my love for these things, one of my reasons is really to expose my children to art! Looks like I have a very interested artist here!

Vancouver Craft and Art Workshop
Rianne is so focused! At 2 yrs old!!

Verna also showed us how to use the supplies, tools and how she made the decorative paper art. She used a Tim Holtz Die Cut and Embossing machine

Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop
Verna showing us how to use a Die Cut/Embosing Machine.
Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop
What’s left after the flowers have been cut.

The participants as they worked it out with learning and creativity..

Vancouver art and craft workshop
A beauty in the making!
Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop
Made with love by Princes of OverMilkAndSandwhich
Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop
Verna’s beautiful work!
Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop
Maryam’s journal is as beautiful as her smile!
Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop
Verna and daughter Janelle! A mother-daughter bond!

And of course we won’t forget our group picture!

Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop

Vancouver Art and Craft Workshop

To Verna, thank you for sharing with us your love for this craft and art.  Your happiness and joy as you share it is very inspiring.  I look forward to more workshops with you!!

You can check more of Verna’s work in her Artsy Collection Facebook page.

To Stifany, Princes, Susan, and Maryam, thank you for your company! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!  See you in more workshops to come!

To Alex of Minted.com, thank you for believing in our workshop.  You have made this event  a success and we can’t wait to write, doodle and dream using the journals you gave us.

To everyone, thank you for making my dream of doing workshops a reality.

Is there any art or craft you want to learn or share?  Leave a comment below and let’s make it happen!

Live Art, Share Art!

With love,


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  1. stifanyaraneta@gmail.com' Pepz says:

    looking forward to more workshops!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks Pepz!! Me too!! 🙂

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