Project #2 – The Repainted Rattan Beauty

This post is for the Anne and Annie blogpost series.

We’ve had this Rattan bench since Ricky and I got married. This is one  of the furnitures we took with us when we moved to our new home.  Believe it or not, it was Ricky who bought it from our neighbour who did a garage sale.  He got it for $10.  I will admit, back then, when I first saw it.  I did not like it and hated it.  Although it’s in good shape, structure wise, It looked so ugly with all the varnish stripping off on its own and the faded cushions.  Every time I see it, it’s an eyesore.  I wanted to throw it away, but I’m glad now, I did not.  When we moved, it’s the only sitting furniture we took with us, 1st because, it’s light and second, It can be used in the patio.  For a while, it was on our living room before we got a couch.  This Rattan has served its purpose in so many ways and brings in history of our humble beginnings as a family.

Repainted Rattan Furniture
Rianne, comfy on our Rattan bench, December 2013.


Repainted Rattan Furniture
The structure is beautiful, but you’ll see up close, you’ll see how badly withered this Rattan bench is.

I’ve been thinking of reinvigorating this bench for a long time.  I’ve been looking at fabrics to use for the cushions and planning on the type of paint to use.  Of course, I wanted it perfect, but I find, sometimes (or most times).. imperfections are just perfect! So I got an old white paint from the  storage (the old owner of the home have left) and when I looked at my stash of fabric, I saw this striped pastel blue nylon lining that I bought about years ago.  The fabric was perfect!  I wanted to create a cottage, beachy feel and the blue will be just gorgeous! Rianne and Ryan napped at the same time and I know, that’s my opportunity.  I grabbed my paint brush and painted the Rattan bench. At first, I thought I wanted to paint it spotless white, as in all white, fully covered.  But as I painted it, the strokes created these beautiful lines and since the Rattan has withered it created a very rustic look that I like.  So I decided to just continue what I am doing without fully covering the bench in white paint.

Repainted Rattan Furniture
You can see the lines created as I painted.
Repainted Rattan Furniture
I loved painting the sides, the paint brush just glides so smoothly. I’m addicted to it!
Repainted Rattan Furniture
Painting the back of the bench is my favourite, I find it fun and the transformation, very exciting!

I let the paint dry and just left the bench in the patio, as I find time to sew and finish the new cover for the cushions. Now with sewing cushions, it’s pretty easy.  I did not use zippers, just overlaps to make it easier and faster to sew.  It is a fast sew but what took time is the measuring and cutting the fabric (as always).  All in all, it was good and I am happy when I first did the first sample to check how it fitted. I would love to make it tufted but I haven’t got the buttons for it.  I may change it if I can find the buttons.  It’ll be great to try!

Sewing Cushion Cover
Rianne and I having fun sewing. I am slowly teaching her and showing her how to sew and most times it’s a disaster.. lol.. but she’s interested!
Sewing cushion cover
Some serious sewing!

I am so glad I did not throw this neglected beauty away.  I am so glad I have found a passion for repainted furniture.  I am so glad I have found beauty in something old.  In repainting or recreating something, the possibilities are endless, the creativity knows no boundaries.  I encourage you to try and not be afraid to repaint.. anyway.. you can just paint it again, right?

Repainted Rattan Furniture
Voila! I love it!
Repainted Rattan Furniture
And of course, here’s Rianne getting comfy on it!

It also brought back lots of childhood memories for me.  Where I am from, the Philippines, Ratan is a staple home furniture.  Seeing Rianne playing and sitting on one reminds me of my childhood.

Repainted Rattan Furniture
And frolicking under the sun of course!
Repainted Rattan Furniture
And more fun!!

I hope you liked it as much as I did!  I jumped for joy literally when I completed it! And most importantly, in anything you do, I hope that you find joy in it.. if you do.. it makes life worth living.. 🙂

Do you have any furniture you wanted to revamp? Have you painted old furnitures? Share it with me and would love to know your story!

With love,