A Morning with Marika Siewert

Last Friday, I had one of the most refreshing and inspiring mornings.  I had the privilege of interviewing a Canadian artist, singer and songwriter, actor and TV host, Marika Siewert.  Marika and I met for the very first time a year ago at a Thanksgiving Dinner Ricky had organized.  I met her and her wonderfully talented family, her amazing husband Stacy, handsome sons  Zac and Jaedon and her beautiful daughter, Zoey.  I had the chance to meet and reconnect with them again when we went to Meadows Maze for a YVR Bloggers trip this summer.  Marika and her family has been a great friend and an inspiration to us.

Marika Siewert
Marika and her family with husband, Stacy

About Marika and Her Music

So, how did it all start for Marika and her love for Music?  Her interest in playing the piano started when she was 5 yo. She told her parents she wanted to play the piano.  Normally, (or for some that I know) it is the parents who insist on putting their children on piano lessons.  But in Marika’s case, it’s the opposite.  She had formal lessons at 7. By that time she’s already 2 years ahead learning on her own using music books and tapes her parents bought for her.  Marika always loved playing the piano.  Her family moved to Canada when she was 12.  At first she wanted to be a doctor, just like her Dad.  But things changed when they got here and decided she wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

Marika writes music that everyone can listen to and relate to because “We all go through the same things, same emotions” says Marika. She writes songs that are inspirational, very positive and “behind all my music, there is a has a hope driven message”, she added.  She gets the inspiration for her songs through friends and their stories. Marika has written songs for friends who got married as a gift to them.  Her songs are mainly based on life experiences.

You can listen and have a glimpse of her amazing songs with beautiful lyrics on her website: http://marikaonline.com/music/

Marika Siewert

On Being a Mom

I know I have to ask this question!  She’s got 3 beautiful children who’s ages are 12, 10 and 7. She’s way ahead of me! I have a 2yo and a 9mo.  Marika is an inspiration not just to her family but to many of us.  Being a mom and being in the entertainment industry at the same time truly has its own challenges.  Marika always makes sure her projects aligns with her family values and are family oriented. I love that about her! We all know how dark and twisted it can get sometimes in the entertainment industry, and Marika has managed to keep it all aligned to her faith and values.  We need more artists in the world who are like that.. to inspire, to be an example, to be worldchangers! The Siewerts ended up all in the entertainment industry.  Their youngest, Zoey has been nominated for the Covenant Award in one of the songs she produced while sons Zac, Jaedon and husband Stacy are all actors as well.

Marika Siewert
Marika and sons, Zac (left) and Jaedon (right)
Marika Siewert
Marika and daughter, Zoey
Marika Siewert
The Siewerts
Marika Siewert
Just being, The Siewerts

10 Songs, 10 Pianos

One of Marika’s goals this summer is to play 10 of her songs in 10 pianos all over Vancouver! And she did it! That is a very unique and cool idea!  Done out of her love for music and also a way to promote her new single “Real Life Story”. On her video, you’ll se Marika singing 10 of her songs as she plays the piano.  You can find out more about it on her blog.

Here’s her video and I really encourage you to have a listen and get inspired!

Her New Single – REAL LIFE STORY

Marika, being her true self on and off the limelights, just created her new single REAL LIFE STORY. In the lyrics she wrote “Don’t be afraid to make it up as you go in this once in a life time.. I know that love is the one thing that matters most so.. let’s write our story..” When I first heard of this (it’s song #10 on the piano video), I thought of Ricky and I and our marriage.. sure enough being married has its ups and downs, it’s not perfect all the time, but it has its joys and blessings as well.. we have our own story to tell and this song really resonated with me and our marriage.  Marika made me listen to the whole song during this interview and I can feel my tears starting to flow.. the lyrics are just so real to me.. Marika, this is your gift to the world.. you touch people’s lives you never imagine.. So be that gift.. no matter what.. I am so grateful to know you.

Marika Siewert

Here’s my video interview with Marika, enjoy!

More about Marika

You can connect with Marika through her website, MarikaOnline.com

You can also follow her on social media through @marikaonline

I hope you all enjoyed and was inspired by this interview as much as I did.  I am very happy to support a fellow Vancouverite and a mother as well as she fulfills her dream and live her life with passion.

We have music and art inside of us.. what’s yours?

Marika Siewert
Marika and I

Live Art, Share Art, Be Art.

With love,




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