Project #4 – Our Serving Tray

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series.

Why a Serving Tray?

If you’ve been to our home, you’ll notice that we do not have a coffee table.  We did that on purpose.  We live in a 2 bedroom condo building and having a coffee table in our living room for sure would take up so much space. I wanted to have ample room for Rianne to run and jump around and Ryan to safely crawl without hitting their head on a corner or hurting themselves just in general.  So.. no coffee table at this point.  But here’s a dilemma, we love having people over! There’s definitely a need for a table! Rather, I thought of a serving tray on a stool.  Yes! I think that solved our problem.. When Ricky would have meetings at home.. we serve them drinks and snacks on a tray put on a cushion stool.  The stool also serves as an extra seating when needed.

The Search

I’ve been looking for quite some time but due to the demands of motherhood, I can’t really shop for a long time and I am hesitant to buy a tray for $40-$50!! Luckily, at a thrift shop in our neighborhood, I found this nice tray for just a whopping $3!! Price wise, it’s the best! Quality wise – it’s perfect! With tiled bottom and wood structure, it’s just perfect! But visually – nah.. a bit of an eyesore.. I din’t quite like the color and the tile. But I still took it home with me.. I don’t think you can find as many trays as this with a tiled bottom (but you can make one yourself, I guess – chchching idea!). Ok, so I got a tray.. what now?.. On my head, I’ve been dying to paint it!!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
This is how it looked like before I painted the sides..

The Plan

At first, I wanted the whole tray, including the tile the same colour as the Red Mantel Clock, to match the accents in our living room but I am scared to ruin the whole thing as it is the best tray, I think! Perfect for me at this stage where my daughter keeps spilling the water onto the tray.  With the tile, It’s just easy to wipe and the wood won’t absorb the water.  If I painted it, I am scared the paint would come off but I know with sealing it, it would be ok. So I decided to colour the sides of the tray in the same tone as the leaves.. An olive green shade would be perfect as I imagine it.

Let the Painting Begin

I chose to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue with Dark Wax and I love how it turned out.. that’s the kind of green I wanted to achieve to compliment the leaves.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on fabric
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a sample pot, Duck Egg Blue.

This is pretty straight forward and easy.. I just painted it, waited for it to dry, and then waxed.. I didn’t do any distressing.. the wax made up for the vintage country look that I am going for.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
Prepping with painters tape on the sides and first paint strokes.. and with Rianne, my helper (or mess-er.. lol) 🙂

Here you’ll see that Duck Egg Blue in a very light blue with a grayish tone.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
With all the sides painted.. waiting for it to dry..

And here’s how I did the back, it’s called wet washing, (I think..) where you apply the paint and then wipe it while it’s still wet.. I really like how this looked and would love to do more of this in the future. It will be good on new unpainted wood and then waxed with clear wax. The paint is left on the grain creating a nice effect.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
Wet washing..

Here, I applied Dark Wax.  I love the Dark Wax, I think I am inclined to using Dark wax than Clear wax.  I always love how this wax transforms the color.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
Applying Dark Wax.  It looks scary eh?

I also applied Dark Wax on the back of the tray..  I didn’t like it. I should have kept it wet washed and maybe a clear wax.  Good thing, no one will see it! 🙂

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
Wet washed with Dark Wax

 The Transformation

Now here it is! And I can’t wait to serve our guests with this newly found love in our home. 🙂  Hope you like it too!!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
The tray with Annie Sloan’s book, Color Recipe’s for Painted Furniture
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
The tray with a vintage Pyrex mug.

This shade of green is just perfect! Perfect to my liking! 🙂

Did you like this color? Do you want to paint a small project? Bring it on! Go go go! It’s easy!

With Love,