Project #3 – Painting Fabric with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – My Blue Mason Bag

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series.

Painting Fabric with Annie Sloan Chalkpaint is something I’ve always been intrigued to do.  I’ve seen it on other blogs, read about it on her book and even saw her video demo for a TV show. Most I’ve read are done on upholstered chairs and the results have been awesome.  It’s amazing what this paint can do.. like the slogan, it really is “more than paint”.

Here’s a video of Annie Sloan doing a demo painting on an upholstered chair.

The Perfect Piece, The Mason Bag

Oh, this bag.. When I first saw it.. I said.. “That bag is mine!”

My husband, Ricky, got invited at the Lexus NX Press Preview in Nashville (Isn’t he the luckiest guy?! – other than because he’s married to me.. lol) and this is the bag for all the swag! It’s an 18″ Leather Reinforced Mason Bag by Heritage Leather Co. He posted a pic of it on FB and right away I commented, “That bag is mine!!!”. I love the vintage look of it! And when I saw it, I loved it even more with the leather bottom and straps plus the steel framed opening.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
Vintage Mail Bag

It’s canvas so I thought.. It’s a perfect candidate to try painting on fabric!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
The Mason Bag and the Swags

And now the fun begins!

I recently just bought a new sample pot of paint in Duck Egg Blue.  I chose this color to try and use for our serving tray and for the rocking chair I recently bought.  I thought this would be a perfect color for them but never really planned on using it on fabric.  It just so happened that this bag arrived and my creativity was triggered.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on fabric
ASCP in a sample pot, Duck Egg Blue

Taping the areas you don’t want painted with painter’s tape.  This took longer to do than I thought! I want to make sure I don’t paint the leather, especially the handles, as the type of leather used easily absorbs paint.  The leather used at the bottom, not as much.. I can just wipe the paint off.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
Back and a sample pot of ASCP in Duck Egg Blue

Prepping and Thinning the Paint.   I see Annie Sloan thin her paint with just water so that’s what I did.  I did not really measure it.  Initially I used a 1:1 ratio. 1 tbsp paint then 1 tbsp water.  And the next ones, I just added water. Tip: Make sure you have enough!! Better prep more than not have enough.. a second batch with the same ratio is a must as the amount of water affects the colour, I think.. I’ll explain more on another photo.  I also think, since it is a canvas fabric, the watery the better as it just absorbs it.. and the less paint you’ll use.  It also depends on the look you want to achieve. I used about 4-6 table spoons for this project.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
Thinning the paint with water

Painting It. I finally got into painting it.  I don’t think the brush strokes really matter. What matters is you make sure you paint it fully, front and back, the creases, the sides, etc. The paint should be fully absorbed by your fabric.  Tip: No turning back!  Paint it fully as you go. I’d rather paint it fully right away than re-painting some spots you missed. Alternatively, if the item is fully canvas or fabric, it’s better to dip it on a tub of paint and water.  This is something I’d love to try to with our dining chair covers.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
The first brush stroke
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
And more..
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
Hung to dry.  In this photo, some spots are still wet.

I did this at a friend’s house (I temporarily used her home as a studio – Thanks, Gracey! as I left the kids for some Daddy time after his trip) and when I got home, I noticed some spots without paint so I retouched it.  This time my mixture was really runny.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
After some re-touch.. you’ll see a little wet spot at the top center, near the buckle, top frame and just above the bottom layer

The Finished Product

I love how the colour turned out and complimenting the colour of the leather.  I really like this cool blue colour perfect for summer outings and picnics.  I can really see myself using this a lot! I call it my artist’s bag, my diaper bag, my picnic bag, name it all, it’s my go to bag!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
My Blue Mason Bag and I love it!

Loving the Imperfections

You’ll notice in the above photo that there’s a few lighter spots.. I call it, the learning spots.. lol.. That’s why I got the tips above, so you won’t make the mistakes I did.  I love it still.. more than the bag and how it ended up beautifully, It’s me trying something new that makes this all worth it.  I think I used to be a perfectionist that I fear making mistakes and end up not doing it at all.  This project reminded me that it’s ok to make mistakes, because that’s how you learn.  It’s better to try it than to live in wonder.. I’m happy and I embrace the result with love.

So.. go go go.. paint those not so lovely canvas bags you have.. It’s worth a try I guarantee you! Make sure you read the tips, ok? It’ll turn out better, I think! If you’re trying this, I want to see it! 🙂

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Live Art, Share Art, Be Art!

With Love,