Project #2 – Catching Up on Some Summer Sewing, The Belcarra Dress

This post is for the series, My Love for Sewing.

Finally, I get to post this!  I finished this dress last month.  I will be wearing it to church and at a Macaron Class my friend and I will be going to this Sunday.  I think it is just perfect for that day! I can’t wait.  Isn’t it fun to have a dress to wear to an occasion or have a dress that you specifically made for a certain event?!  If only I can whip up more dresses, tops and skirts like a fairy, I would! These are the things that I love to do.  It inspires me.. It makes me happy.

Last June, I did the Belcarra Blouse of Sewaholic Patterns and I loved it as it is an easy sew! So what I did is I made it into a dress! All I did is lengthen it using another dress pattern as a guide.

The Belcarra Blouse
The Belcarra Blouse

The Fabric

I’ve had this fabric for a very long time.  This is one of the firsts I bought when I started learning to sew, but never really had the right idea or pattern for it before.  It’s a border print fabric with poppy like flowers (I think) in brown and purple shades.  I loved it the first time I saw it.  It’s 100% cotton and very thin.  I may have to wear a slip underneath.

Sewing with Anne Shetty
A Border Print Fabric

Lengthening the Belcarra Blouse

This is one of the patterns used in one of the sewing classes I attended.  It’s a simple straight dress.  I’ve done 2 dresses of this pattern so far, a sleeveless dress I wore at our honeymoon and a sleeved dress I wore at my son’s baby dedication and my daughter’s 2nd birthday.

Sewing with Anne Shetty
A simple dress pattern
Sewing with Anne Shetty
A sleeved dress version of the pattern and a matching dress for my daughter, Rianne.  I’ve also worn this during my interview of The Passionate home. and the feature of Madison Avenue Shampoo Bar

Here’s how I lengthened the blouse pattern.

Sewing with Anne Shetty
1) I aligned the sleeves and end of the armholes of both patterns for the front and back pieces
Sewing with Anne Shetty
2) I taped some craft paper underneath the Belcarra pattern (white paper) to be cut the same as the dress pattern
Sewing with Anne Shetty
3) I traced and trimmed the edges.  Voila! I now have a Belcarra dress pattern.

The Belcarra Dress

Here’s some photos! Enjoy! I can’t wait to wear it this Sunday!

Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
The Belcarra Dress, Front, Full Body
Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
Back view
Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
Side View
Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
A closer look..
Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
Here’s how the top looks like.. notice that this time, I added the sleeve cuffs, Love it!
Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
Just posing.. lol
Sewing with Anne Shetty - The Belcarra Dress
Just beeing cheeky and having fun.. 🙂

So.. what do you think? Easy yet pretty dress eh?

I will sure make more.. next summer.. feeling kinda sad summer’s almost done for some summer dresses but it’s good to try some fall outfits to sew too!

Did you have a chance to sew some summer dresses? I’d love to see it!

With love,


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  1.' Jenn Gill says:

    This fabric was definitely meant for this dress! I love how the bold floral border adds punch to the bottom half, and the colours are beautiful on you. Nice choice. 🙂

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks, Jenn! I bought that fabric 3 years ago!! But never had the chance to sew and could not find the right pattern for it.. I finally got to make an easy dress out of it! Thanks!

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