Project #5 – From Granny to Shabby Chicy – The Rocking Chair

Why a Rocking Chair?

I’ve been eyeing this rocking chair at our local thrift store and got this for $6! Wowzers! I know that with a little paint, it can be transformed from Granny to Shabby Chicy.. and it did! This is one of the pieces I look at each morning and say, I love it!

I wish I had a rocking chair when I had my daughter and son. Not that we are planning to have another one soon (oh no..),  I’d love to have one for the next baby.  For now, my friends can borrow it if they want to so they can have restful days of rocking the baby to sleep rather than carrying them for hours (oh, yes, that happens).

The Inspiration

My family and I went to Meadows Maze this summer and I saw a row of colorfully painted rocking chairs of different shapes and sizes! Even for little ones too! Oh, how I wish I can take them all home or bring as many rocking chairs from the thrift and paint them all.  It’s such a cool thing what they have done.

Painted Rocking Chair
Painted Rocking Chairs at Meadows Maze.  Wouldn’t you want one?

The Before Photos 

This is how it looked like.. fit for your Granny, right?.. and definitely not for me.  Also, notice the scratches on the seat.  Those were quite deep.  I believe the previous owner might have a dog who likes to play with this rocking chair.  Who wouldn’t?

Painted Rocking ChairThere’s a quite a few interesting things on this chair too that were revealed as I painted it.  At the back of the chair has an embossed marking “YUGOSLAVIA” and the year 1974.  This rocking chair is 40 years old! Wow! Painted Rocking Chair - Yugoslavia

It also has some gold floral pattern on the head rest and gold gilding on the legs.  I wish to paint it back in the future.  Isn’t it pretty?!

Painted Rocking Chair

The Painting Process

1) I first had to put some wood fillers onto those deep scratches on the seat.

Wood filling
I used a wood filling I bought at Home Hardware. Have you done wood filling before?

2) I decided to paint the chair with Chalk Paint®, decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Duck Egg Blue. I started painting the bottom first until I painted the whole chair.

Painted Furniture - Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan

3) I did some distressing to give it a rustic and shabby chic look. Then the waxing begins.. I used a Clear Wax Notice how the wax softens the colour (the photo is not the best and was taken at night-time).

TIP: I just read that distressing can be done after waxing.. I did mine before waxing.  I just used a wet utility paper towel and the paint easily came off since there is no wax to protect it.  Next time, I’ll do my distressing after waxing. This will give you more control.

painted Rocking Chair Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue

Distressed Areas

First, I want to give you a tour of the areas I distressed.

painted Rocking chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The top of the head rest (unwaxed)
painted Rocking chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The arms of course.. (unwaxed)
painted Rocking chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The sides… and feet
painted Rocking chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
A little bit on the head rest and the rails..

Voila! The Painted Rocking Chair!

And here it is now.. So happy with it! So quick to do and used less paint (will tell you in another post).  Why wouldn’t you want to paint your own?!

The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
From Granny to Shabby Chic-y!
The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
A complete patio set! The painted serving tray, a rattan bench and the rocking chair! All done my me! I think, I’ve created a masterpiece 🙂 A haven.. I just love looking at it!
The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Here’s a closer look.. The tray and rocking chair are painted in the same colour, Duck Egg Blue but with a different wax, Clear Wax for the rocking chair and Dark Wax for the tray.  It’s amazing how the colour varied.

The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
And here’s my daughter, as pretty as this giant Dahlia
The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
And there she is.. just enjoying it..

I had a great time doing this!  For some reason, the things I painted matched together in the end to create this beautiful ensemble. I just couldn’t wait to do more.  The possibilities are just endless.

I hope that I have inspired you to try painting those not so pretty things you have at home and make it to something you love.  There’s no write or wrong.  It’s easy and the joy of seeing your work in your own home is just priceless.

Have you been wanting to try Chalk Paint®? Or have tried it? Are you creative and loves art of any form? Share it and let’s all be inspired! Head over to the YVR Artisans group and share your work!

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series where I write about my projects using Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan.

***On Oct. 16, 2014, the rocking chair was donated to the Chairs+More Charity Event.  To see the decorative hand painting I added, you can check it out here.

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