Project #6 – From Dull and Lifeless to Bold and Beautiful, The Red Table

After I did the Annie Sloan beginner painting workshop, I immediately did my first project which was the Red Mantel Clock.  I knew after I’ve done it, I have to do this table to match it.  I finally had the time and additional idea to make it happen.  Other than painting it, I decided to use some stencils and this is my first time doing it! I call this piece my “learning piece”.  I disregard my fears, went with my gut and just learned so much.  In the end, this piece has become really special to me.

A Bit of History

This table was from Ricky’s mom.  We took it with us to use as a TV stand.  She said she’d had it for a long time.  This has quite of a sentimental value for us as this is one of our first little furnitures that we took with us when we moved to the new home, together with the rattan bench and the dining table (coming soon!).  Although we don’t use it as a TV stand anymore, but rather a “filler” for our entertainment wall where we put all the electronics (you’ll see what I’m talking about on one of the photos below)

Before picture with the stencils I used
Before picture with the stencils I used

The Painting Process

I wanted to achieve the same look as the Red Mantel Clock since they will be put on the same wall.  I wanted it in the colours, Emperor’s Silk on Graphite.  2 of the colours available in Annie Sloan’s decorative paint, Chalk Paint®.  Emperor’s silk is a very rich and vibrant red and Graphite is almost black.  I also used the Clear and Dark Soft Waxes to tone the red and protect the paint.

1) Painting in Graphite – I wanted to achieve the distressed look where the Graphite shows off once the top paint is distressed.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Graphite
Painting in Graphite first

2) Then, I painted it in Emperor’s Silk

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Emperor's Silk
Painted in Emperor’s Silk.  You can see some brush strokes and a little bit of Graphite.  You can add another coat if you want.  Also, since I am using the Annie Sloan Brush, you can see some lines.  These add to the aged look and style as you put wax on it.

3) Now, I added the stencils.  I first wanted a border style but the tables measurements are off for the stencil so I had to improvise the design.

TIP: Make sure the parts you will not be using are covered and the stencil is secured to avoid movement while stenciling. Also, measure! You can try eyeballing it but I’d rather not.
Since I don’t have a stencil brush yet, I just used a sponge. Make sure you take out the excess paint before you stencil to avoid blotching or smudging.
I did a corner design but I felt that it’s empty in the middle, I did not quite like it.. It’ll be nice if there’s a word in the middle of just something..
So I added a few more designs in the middle. The designs created a Spanish feel to it like the floor tiles I see on old churches in the Philippines.

4) Distressing.  At first, I used the rough part of the sponge but then I grabbed the sand paper to make it easier.  I sanded just the corners to give it a rustic look and for the Graphite to show.

Distressing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

5) Waxing.  I remember when I did the clock, I used Dark Wax directly.  So I did the same thing for the table.  At first I find it too dark to my liking, so I tried toning it down with a clear wax afterwards and buffed it really well.

Annie Sloan Dark Wax
See the difference? One side is waxed and the other is not..
Annie Sloan Dark Wax
I added more wax.
TIP: When you wax, I think it is better to do it in the same direction as your brush strokes, especially with Dark Wax.

Voila! Red, Bold and Beautiful!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
What do you think? Aint it lovely?
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
Just trying on some props.. 🙂
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
A closer look of the stencil design

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
I love this table’s criss cross sides
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
I just did a little bit of distressing on the sides and corners

The TV Wall with the Clock and Table

So this is what I was talking about in the beginning..

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
When you go to the living room, my goal is for this table to be a focal point. Its red, you should see it! 🙂 For now, it’s a fit there but I may use it as a side table in the future.
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Dark Wax
I usually put a basket on it to easily tuck away toys.. Here she is, on her diaper, posing.. She surely makes my painting journey much more interesting!

What do you think? Would you paint your furniture red? Are you ready for that pop of colour? I am! I am drawn to red, actually.  Our wedding motif was red and most of our photos in the living room, we were wearing red.  It’s an easy choice for me.

So.. I dare you to be bold and beautiful! 🙂 You can always paint it again.

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series where I write about my projects using Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint®.

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