The Painter’s Tape – a Reflection

Today, I was awakened at 3:45 AM and I decided to continue painting the table.  I needed to do those original lines that had been filled in with wood fillers.  It is a tedious work, I tell you.. Thank goodness there’s painter’s tape to keep the paint straight and just within the lines.

As I painted the last line, the last brush stroke, I reflected on my day yesterday.  It wasn’t the best me.  I wasn’t happy with how I acted.  So, as I did the paint strokes along the lines, I asked God for forgiveness.. reflected.. and asked for His help.  I’m glad I have a “Painter’s tape” in my life to keep me along the lines, to direct my path.  I’m glad there is one who can see the path ahead of me as I paint my life.

Painters Tape at 7.37.52 AM

I thank the Lord for being my “Painter’s tape”, for extending forgiveness and grace and for helping me to be just along the lines, for correcting me, for loving me and for just being my guide.

For the Lord is the master artist of my life..



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