Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting and Interior Design

I first met Reena when she visited our home one day to have it featured on her blog.  What? Our home? Oh my! And as far as I remember, my husband told me on that same day she was about to visit.  You could imagine how I felt.. haha.. my husband love to surprise me in many ways.. 🙂 But it all went well.. I’m glad she came over and gained a good friend. We talked about the importance of Design and how we incorporated it on our home as well as the use of sustainable and eco-friendly home furnitures and products. You can read about it here and watch a video tour as well.

Reena as a Glass Artist

I found out about Reena’s hidden artistry when I started my blog.  She mentioned in a comment that she’s been doing glass painting for years.  When she told me that, I wanted to immediately see her work! Good that she had compiled all her works on a blog. When I saw it, I am in awe! Honestly, I couldn’t do hand painting.. (that’s why I just repaint furniture.. lol).  The intricacy of the design and patterns are just amazing.  I love art and appreciate it so much.  And with things like this.. I literally have my mouth open in awe at how people can do it and how their hands work.

Being creative in nature she always ventures into learning new art forms and she have harnessed the art of Glass Painting for years and have perfected the whole process from painting to baking and curing these beautiful pieces of Art. These fine quality hand painted glasses show off such beauty & luster.

You can view her beautiful works of art on her blog, Kreativecorner. 

Here’s a sneak peak of Reena’s work.

Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting
Stylized Blue Rose Plate
Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting
Sunflowers Jar
Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting
Multicoloured Full Mosaic Martini glasses
Reena Venkatesh on Glass Painting
White Flowers candle holder

Reena as an Interior Designer

Reena is also a very talented Interior Designer in the Metro Vancouver Area. She loves working with Homeowners to Design Functional homes & floor plans for them, help them with their Interior color choices, Space planning and more. She also does Landscape design for front & backyards, Home Staging & Floor Plans for Real Estate & Design for Seniors. With her 20+ years of being in this industry she has seen & worked with all aspects of Design and in 2006 she established her Design Firm “Seasonal Leaf Designs” to provide people with her design services.

She also love writing blogs about Interior Design & Lifestyle at Design Live. She emphasizes on Eco-Friendly Products for home use. I really love that about her.  I believe the movement on being eco-friendly shouldn’t just be a fad but a commitment for everyone’s lifestyle. She also features Entrepreneurs about their business, their work environment & their Perspective of Design.

You can know more about Reena through her blogs and website.  You may also contact her at 778-997-9427 or email:

A Glass Painting Workshop With Reena!

I’m so excited to announce that Reena will be doing a Glass Painting Workshop with us next month!! So save the date! It will be on Oct. 4, 2014, Saturday afternoon, in our home in North Burnaby.  Check out the Workshop Page.

Thank you for appreciating our local artists! I love art and I know you do too in some way or another.

What kind of art are you into? Just like Reena, is there any hobby, craft, or art that is just waiting to be rekindled?  I’d like to know! Perhaps, we can do a workshop too to teach and show the world what a wonderful artist you are!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

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  1. Anne, Wow! I am deeply honored! Your words and the post just rekindled such fond memories of the days that I used to sit and work & practice my art while my daughter napped or played & my son was at school. I even worked late into the night when everyone was asleep & my husband took care of our baby(Anika, now all grown up) if she was to get up at night for milk. I am so happy to read your post & your enumeration of my art. Thank you so much, you are one beautiful, kind hearted woman! I am so looking forward to work with you on glass painting projects for the Harvest Season & also for the Holidays! Muahhh!!!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you so much, Reena, you are a wonderful and very talented artist..Thank YOU for doing this with me.. you know, you’re making my dream a reality.. 🙂 Looking forward for more!!

  2.' hamsaveni says:

    incredible art…you are very talented person…..i have no words to say…..stunning art….

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