From Stencilling to Decorative Hand Painting


I’m into a new adventure.. I could not believe where furniture painting has brought me into.   I started painting home decor and home furnitures last June 23rd of this year.  It started with a small mantel clock and now, I just finished our dining table (blog post coming soon)!  It’s been four months since then and I could not believe where it took me and what creativity it has opened.

I have no art degree or anything.. I grew up believing I couldn’t draw or paint.  I may have used a paint brush in preschool but I don’t remember doing it as a teen or an adult.  I even asked one of my best friends from high school if she saw an artistic side of me back then to compare with all the things I am doing now.. She doesn’t remember any.. me neither. She said, it is just now that time has opened opportunities for me to explore art.

When I wrote my first blog post on furniture painting, I have in the title “Discovering My Inner Artist”.  At that point, I still am doubting myself.. I couldn’t believe what my hands just completed.  I still doubt I am an artist.. I am learner, I love art. I appreciate and have so much respect for people who do art.

On Stencilling

When I finish an item, I look at it, stare at it, admire it.. and then I feel like it is a bit blank.. Now, every blank space in the home, I want to paint (may not be a good idea!) I feel like my home is my canvas! And so I started stencilling.  I stencilled our red table, the boat tray and the dining table as well.  I feel like it creates more personality and character to a piece.  Yet I still keep in mind that simplicity is beauty.  Stencilling is very rewarding and an easy way of decorating.. but sometimes the stencils can cost you a lot and you’re limited to the design that is available and so..

I Started to Try Decorative Hand Painting

I was surfing the internet and I stumble upon Marian, Miss Mustard Seed.  She created a line of paint called Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  I was skimming through her blog (she makes very beautiful painted furnitures!!) and saw this one.  It was hand painted by her.

You can click on the photo to see her post.

Hand Painted Dresser by Miss Mustard Seed
Hand Painted Dresser by Miss Mustard Seed

Then I thought,,, It looks easy?!? Doable. But I’m scared to try it on furniture.. so the search began so that I’ll learn the techniques and be confident at it.

Decorative Hand Painting
My first attempt on paper
Decorative Hand Painting
Practicing Swirls

And then I discovered “Rosmaling”

A Norwegian folk art that originated in the 1600s. It mostly comprises of C and S strokes, flower ornamentation and scrollwork. I’ve been seeing it before yet I don’t know what it was called.  I’ve seen it on Pinterest on some painted furniture before but did not know what it was.  It must be destiny that I found it.  I love the flowy and cheery feel of this artwork.

Rosmaling by Sigmund Aarseth
Rosmaling by Sigmund Aarseth

Resources that Helped Me

I would like to list down what I’ve researched and really helped me feel like I can do it! Yes, You can do it too!! There are no limits! I just want to keep trying! 🙂

The Comma Stroke by Miss Mustard Seed

Video by Donna Dewberry – How to use a Round Brush

Rosemaling Free Hand Flowers by LinneaRosemaling

Video of Sigmund Aarseth Live Painting Demonstration

What I’ve Done

And so here it is.. I know, it’s still beginner.. 🙂 I hope you’ll like it and try it as well.. it’s fun!! 🙂 to do something you haven’t done before!!

Decorative Hand Painting
My Very First Decorative Hand Painting using Annie Sloan Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint®

And here’s a great reminder.. 🙂



What are you going to try this time?

Have fun!!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

With Love



Here’s a sneak peak to my latest decorative hand painting on a rocking chair.  You can read the post here.IMG_9425





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  1. I love that you are discovering this side of you! I love that you are having fun creating your life. You give “homemaker” a new meaning! Keep doing new things. It’s very inspiring.

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Christine! I felt like life is short that I want to do so many things.. 🙂 what are your hobbies Christine?

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