What You Can Do with a Tester Pot 4oz (100ml) of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

I wanted to write this post to let you know what you can do with a tester pot (sample pot) of Annie Sloan’s decorative paint, Chalk Paint®. What projects can you actually tackle with a small pot of paint, just 4oz (100 ml)?  Where I am, in Vancouver, it retails for  $14.95.  It does come with a price, I know.. but is it worth it?  There are 2 sizes they offer; a sample/tester pot and a 1 Litre pot.  If you’ve been wanting to try the tester pots, but wasn’t sure how much it can cover, read on.

If you were following the Anne and Annie series, I’ve done quite a few projects so far.  With all of those, I used the tester pots and you may not believe that I still have a bit left. I finished my first tester pot in Duck Egg Blue and with that, I did 3 projects! The Serving Tray, Mason bag, and the Rocking Chair The rocking chair was pretty big and used only half the pot! It was the Mason bag that ate most of the paint as fabric absorbs it. It does cover nicely with one coat.  If you’re doing a shabby-chic style, one coat may be enough for coverage just like I did with the rocking chair.  The paint is quite thick and can be thinned with water depending on how you want to use it.  The type of material you’re painting and the brush used also may matter (that’s a different post). You will need a wax to protect it though and give it a little bit of sheen (which again is another post, since I haven’t finished any of my waxes. But, I tell you, you’ll be doing lots with the pot of wax!).

You may have also seen the Red Mantel Clock and Red Stenciled Table.  I used tester pots in Graphite and Emperor’s Silk.  Believe it or not, I still have about 1/8 left which I can use for stenciling! Awesome!

So, if you’ve been looking at trying it, I’d say, give it a go.. for $15, the possibilities are endless. You may end up like me, just wanting to paint and paint and paint.. lol

If you want to know more, there are 2 stockists in Vancouver, The Passionate Home in Langley and Filmgo Sales in East Vancouver.  They carry all colours and are very knowledgeable of the product and friendly.  So, go ask away!

Wherever you are in the world, you can search for a stockist near you! 

(**Annie Sloan stockists offer a beginner and advanced workshops on how to use Chalk Paint® and painting techniques. You can check out my experience in this post**)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
My friend Myrna and I during the class.

Here are some photos of the 3 things I’ve done with just 1 tester pot of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint®.  If you want to know how these were done, you can click on the photos below.

Happy Painting!

Live Art, Share Art, Be Art!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Vancouver
The Tray, Duck Egg Blue + Dark Wax
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Fabric
The Mason Bag in the making – and this is a huge bag!!
The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The Rocking Chair!!

Now, can you imagine? That’s a lot for a small pot!

************************************************************************************************************** Did you know, I painted our dining table and I used about 10-12 oz and this is 3-4 coats on the top and my table has more legs.. in a way.. than a typical table.  You can check it out here and here’s a sneak peek.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Table

Also, check out how I used Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax and soften it by trying Annie’s painting technique, Colouring Wax with Paint.


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  1. jenngill@live.ca' Jenn Gill says:

    You’ve got me itching to paint now!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Oh.. it’s so easy, really! I just started painting end of June this month and I just could not stop! 🙂

  2. Hi Anne,
    I just read your very helpful post as I am off to buy some chalk paint on a limited budget and so asked google how much I could get out of a 100ml tester pot and he answered with your your post which was spot on helpful. So thank you. Then I started doing what I usually do on all inspiring websites i come across (pinterest included) – I got lost in your pages, nodding in awe through various projects and re-affirming just how helpful you were by giving such detailed information. So I have to take the time to write you and say thank you, because it takes considerable effort and kindness to share good things with people. So thank you. And may God continue to bless you and your talent. I’ll be back to read through your post of upholstering as I am currently upscycling a futon sofabed that needs a new cover for the mattress.

    xx E

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you so much Esther for taking the time and for your kind words! Pls, share your projects with me! I’d like to see them!

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