[WORKSHOP] Spread the Light this Thanksgiving – Glass Painting with Reena Venkatesh

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to announce this workshop with all of you.  You may have read about our featured artist, Reena Venkatesh. If not, get to know her on this post.  

Reena Venkatesh Glass Painting

Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Where did the time go? I know! We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in no time! And to mark that special occasion, Reena and I have teamed up to offer a Glass Painting Workshop for your Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece, a Painted Glass Candle Holder!

In this Workshop, Reena will be sharing with us:

The art of Glass Painting and A few painting techniques like:

  • Reverse stenciling
  • Stippling technique
  • Sponging

What to Bring:

Bring not just one, but 2! jars of your choice! We highly recommend recycling so let’s make those empty pasta jars into a beauty or anything you already have at home.  You can also visit your closest thrift store. Also, prepare a quote or word you want to put on your candle holder to add that very personal touch!

Oh don’t forget an apron (yes, we’re painting, not cooking!) for your clothes.. the rest, we’ll take care of!

What you’ll take home:

Your finished work of art of course! And everything you used for the workshop is yours, some paint and brushes too!

When and Where:

Save the date! Oct. 4, 2014, Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM in our home in Burnaby.

To Register click on the Eventbrite Page here: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/spread-the-light-for-thanksgiving-a-glass-painting-workshop-with-artist-reena-venkatesh-tickets-13090741761

Exciting!! Hope to see you all there! We only have 6 spots for this workshop.. so register as soon as you can!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

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