Catherine Tsang, Redefining Nail Artistry

One night, Ricky asked me if I want my nails done.  I’m having second thoughts.. why?

1) I don’t grow my nails long.  They are always short.

2) Do I really need beautiful nails when all I do is, clean, cook, wash the dishes and do diaper changes in between.

But then I said yes and I am glad I did and met Catherine Tsang, a nail artist and blogger at Sunday Beauty where she writes about her journey through nail artistry as she completes a her program at Blanche Macdonald as well as showcase her nail designs.

Catherine Tsang, Nail Artist
Catherine Tsang, Nail Artist

And so we met at her home studio where she practices.  I’ll be honest, at first I thought.. what can be so complicated with having your nails polished.  All I know is that you put colour on it and that’s it. But today, it has evolved in so much more and imagine how they do it in such a small space.. your nail.. and to all 10 of your fingers.  So much intricacy and detail.. Talk about patience too..

We started chatting and just couldn’t stop.  We just had a great connection.  She paints nails, I paint furniture. Such a click right from the beginning!

Nail Art by Carherine Tsang
Catherine did the Water colour technique on my nails.. Subtle yet pretty.. she captured ‘Me’!

Her Story

Catherine graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Food, Nutrition & Health at UBC while her love for nail art has always been there hiding in the shadows for years.  She shared on her blog, while on a temporary escape (having lunch) from her corporate job in San Francisco, she contemplated and asked herself when will she take the leap and pursue her dream.  A couple of months after that, she found herself back in Vancouver, sitting at a desk at an even larger corporate company and feeling the most miserable and helpless. “How did I let this happen again?” She asked herself.

Finally she decided to take the leap, filed her resignation and now pursuing her dream. Letting herself immerse in what she always wanted to do.  Her form of art and expression, her craft and just doing what keeps her alive and happy.  There is always more to it.. no regrets.. just doing it with love and passion.

Catherine, your story is so inspiring.  You’ve conquered your fear and wholeheartedly decided that you’ll follow your dream.  I wish you all the best!!! 

Her Works

I will let these photos talk.  I am astonished, mesmerized and in awe as to how intricately these were done.  These are all natural nails, carefully hand painted by Catherine.

It just beautiful and amazing how you she can do this intricate artistry!

Nail Art by Catherine Tsang

Cute and Sparkly Nail Art

Catherine Tsang Nail Artist

Isn’t it just beautiful?!! I personally love the roses, henna, marble and feather nail art designs!  I never had the strong want for a manicure but if my fingers can turn into a work of art, I’d totally love to!!

You can connect with Catherine through her blog, and follow her on instagram @SundayBeauty.  

For appointments, you can contact her through email or text/call 778.883.7993You can also check her appointments here.

Would you love to try some nail art? This surely is an awesome experience. Sign up as a VIP on her blog and get 15% off!!


She’ll also be doing a workshop with us! One this month of October and another one next month so stay tuned!

Live Art, Share Art, Be Art!


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