DIY Olaf Costume & A Happy Frozen Halloween!

My daughter wanted to be Queen Elsa and she wanted her little brother to be Olaf! But.. I just couldn’t.. I couldn’t spend 40$+ on a costume that will only be worn once! So I quickly whipped up an Olaf Costume at 1/3 of the cost of buying one! Hooray! Thanks to crafty moms on the web! I’m so grateful for you sharing your talents and ideas.. Now, my lil son will be so cute and my daughter will be the happiest.  I wish I could use some magical powers like Elsa to create a costume in a second!

DIY Olaf Costume

I found this great tutorial and free Olaf inspired pattern and tutorial on the web by Peek-A-Boo pattern Shop. Thank you so much! I think you can use it for other costumes too.  So cute!!


Although it says, it took her only just 2 hours to complete it. I made my own version and made it easier for me. It’s a costume.. It doesn’t have to look too perfect.

What I’ve done..

  • I made it simple. I did not use zippers on the back and also no elastic on the waist.  TIP: If you’re not using zippers, make sure the neck is wide enough to easily fit your child’s head when putting it on.
  • I attached a hoodie instead of making a separate hat. TIP: I traced the hood from a hoodie they already have.  I gathered it to fit the back neck and sewn them together.


Olaf Costume

Here’s my daughter trying it on.. it does fit her too! The pattern is actually for 6-12 mod but can also fit a 2 yr old!!

I will post pictures of Ryan too! Oh.. I almost forgot.. It’s actually his first Halloween!

Olaf Costume Olaf CostumeHave you done costumes for your children? Do you keep it simple or go all the way? I wanna see!!

Happy Halloween!!


Here’s Queen Elsa and her best friend Olaf on Halloween!

Elsa and Olaf DIY Costume

Elsa and Olaf DIY Costume

Elsa and Olaf DIY Costume

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