Living Extraordinarily? Are you? Kate Muker and Conscious Divas #LELive

I’m not.. I don’t think so.. but I want to.. Who wouldn’t?

So what does it mean to live extraordinarily?  That’s what I am going to find out and see where I am at.

From today, I am about 3 and a half months away from my 30th birthday! Honestly, I am excited! Rather than dreadful. I feel like I will be entering a different stage in my life. Well.. it has already started since I started this blog.  I always say.. wisdom comes with age, doesn’t it?

I’ve learned to open up, willing to broaden my horizon.  Meet people through the interviews I’ve done, know their stories and learn from their experiences.  It’s a beautiful life out there..  people to meet, places to be, and things to try..

So when I saw Kate’s post on YVR Bloggers, why not?  It’s a perfect avenue to see a broader perspective, hear more stories and learn from others as long as I am open and willing to take it in.

So.. will you join me?  I would love for you to!

About Conscious Divas and Living Extraordinary 2014

Date: Tuesday, Oct 21st, 2014 at 6:30-9:30pm
Location: Imperial Theatre, 319 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Kate Muker founded Conscious Divas and Living Extraordinary 2014 is one of their events this October.  It features 10 local authors, speakers and community leaders who will powerfully speak for seven minutes each on a consciousness-raising experience, idea, or concept. The experience evokes conversation with attendees, helps them to envision an extraordinary life, and ignite a spark of inspired action within themselves. Topics will range from health, happiness, mindfulness, spirituality, relationships, sexuality, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, charity and abundance. Living Extraordinary launched in 2012 and has been sold out with nearly 400 people in attendance at each event.

Conscious Divas is with a mission to build a community of purpose driven, successful and open-minded people; who desire authentic, heart centred connections and seek opportunities for growth and evolution. Conscious Divas hosts events with a mission to inspire and empower people on a conscious path of being extraordinary versions of themselves. Kate believes that when one person makes a positive change it creates a ripple effect with their family, friends, community and ultimately the planet.

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A Gift for YOU!!

The team at Conscious Divas is giving YOU a 25% off the regular ticket price by using the promo code “MYFRIEND”.

To purchase your tickets, just go to their website:

You can also get updates on social media:

Facebook –

Twitter @conscious_divas

Facebook Event Page:
With Love,

Anne Shetty


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