How I Painted Our Dining Table with Chalk Paint – A Sneak Peek

I love our dining table.. Yes I do! But I know it needs a makeover.  I am tired of eating on it and instead of just enjoying what I’m eating, I always look at it and it’s not so good points and say to myself “I should paint this!!”.  At last I’ve done it!!

A Sneak Peak to our New (-ly Painted) Dining Table

Here’s a sneak peek to it and how I’ve done it! Sort of a tutorial.. and I hope that it’ll help you do yours or any of your furnitures that needs a creative touch.  Pls… Don’t throw it away! All it needs is probably just some paint and your imagination..

I painted the table using Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint ® in Paris Grey with a wash/dragged effect, stencils and decorative hand painting in Old White and finished with Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax, Clear.

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I’ve used the table in so many instagram photos! It looked amazing as a background for just any shot!!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Dining TableAnnie Sloan Chalk Paint on Dining Table

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Dining TableAnnie Sloan Chalk Paint on Dining Table

And Here’s How our Table Looked Before… 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Painted on Table

It’ Ain’t pretty at all, it’s got scratches and not to mention these grooves.. I am Asian and my husband is East Indian with 2 little children and we eat rice (Jasmine and Basmati) all the time!! And guess where they always get stuck? On these grooves!! Eeeww.. not fun to clean you know?


But this table is very sturdy, solid wood. It comes with 4 folding chairs and best of all, it folds to 1/4 of its size!! That’s why I don’t want to let this one go and decided to make it pretty! This one is for keeps!

So.. Here’s How..

1) I have to get rid of those grooves!! So I filled it with some wood filling and smoothed it with a sandpaper or sanding sponge.  I used a medium fine sanding sponge.

*** You may have a smooth table already, you can skip this part and make your life much easier!! Yep, you can just paint right away with Chalk Paint ®.  It adheres to almost anything without priming.. Yes! You heard that right!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Painted on Table

2) I started painting! Hooray! I painted the bottom and sides first.  For the bottom, I did 2 coats of Paris Grey.. just enough to cover it fully. This table is quite unique with a door to house the folding chairs (we use it in our patio). I completely filled in the diamond-shaped groove and painted around and inside it.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Painted on Table

3) With painter’s tape, I carefully painted the top of the table, leaving the grooves as is. I did 3 to 4 coats of paint. I wanted to cover the top fully without any of the wood to show.  It’s a dark wood so I have to do more coats. I only used about 10 to 12 oz. of paint for the whole table. Isn’t that amazing?!! I always dilute the paint with a ratio of 4:0.5 to 1 (4 parts paint to 0.5 – 1 part water) to make it a bit thinner and easier to apply.

*** Initially, I wasn’t thinking of painting it this way, I was just going to paint it all grey but I think it wouldn’t be nice since the table is not a “smooth all the way” kind of table.. the grooves and wood filling gave it a bit of character so I decided to leave it and..

4) I painted and the filled the grooves in old white. You can see in the last photo, I used the painter’s tape to carefully paint and line the grooves and make it into a border.


5) I wanted to give it a dragged effect just like I did on the boat tray. Full tutorial here. With this table, I dragged some old white and followed the grain of the wood as I go.

Drag the paint across
This is how I did it on the boat tray where I practiced the technique..  Just drag the paint across or on the direction of the wood.  I forgot to take a photo on the table.. :-p But you get the picture, right? Just think bigger scale.

6) I decided to put some words onto it in Old White using a stencil. You can see some tips on stencilling here when I painted a small table. Maybe next time, I can learn some calligraphy? (just a wishful thinking..)

Why words.. My reason?  I want to encourage our family to eat together on the table as much as we can. I have fond memories with my family dining together. We used to have a very long table and benches to sit on! Imagine 9 people on the dining table eating together! Yes, I have 6 siblings and I am the youngest! 🙂 Fun, Fun, Fun!! I also have a toddler. Rianne is 2 and I thought this is a good way to learn letters and to read eventually.. 🙂 I hope my children will like this table when they grow up.. I would gladly hand it to them if they want it in their home..  

7) I also added some simple decorative hand painting on the side of the table where the door is.. just for a personal touch.  Decorative hand painting is something I want to practice and learn to add to painted furniture.

Stencilling and Hanpainting

8) Lastly, I sanded the stencils and the decorative hand painting a bit to give it an aged look and to smooth it. Then I protected the table with 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax, Clear.  For a tutorial on using the wax, you can view how I did the rocking chair here.

That’s it!  If your table is smooth and plain, it shouldn’t be as complicated as mine.. The grooves definitely made this table more challenging but I think without those, It wouldn’t have as much character as it has now.  I don’t really know how it ended up like this.. but you’ll discover it as you go.. So, I encourage you.. grab a brush and a paint and just let your creativity flow through your hands.. Anyways, you can always paint it again and again and again.. 🙂

Have you painted something big? This is my biggest painting project so far! It’s scary at first but I’m glad I did it! I want to see yours too…

AnnieSloanChalkPaint Table

For a full reveal of our dining table, you can see it HERE.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

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  1.' Michelle R says:

    Wow good job Anne! I’m impressed! That looks really fun.

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you, Michelle!! 🙂

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