Rock the Rocking Chair with Decorative Hand Painting

I never thought I can paint.. Nonetheless, do decorative hand painting on a furniture. I din’t have any art degree and the last time I remember painting was when I was still in pre-school doing potato prints. I’ve been wanting to try some simple strokes for some time and to specifically do it for this rocking chair. I did quite a lot of practice and research and found great resources which I compiled here.

The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
The Painted Rocking Chair using Annie Sloan, Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint ® in Duck Egg Blue with Clear Soft Wax.  To see the full post on how I painted this, check here.

I was invited to contribute to the Chairs + More Charity Event in Langley, hosted by The Passionate Home. Of course I said yes! And I know this rocking chair is the best candidate.  I will admit, I am quite sad to let this baby go.. It was my first big project and it has all its story, purpose and my vision for it.  But it’s all ok.. it will go to a new home..and I hope they’ll love it as much as I did.  I remember looking in the children’s room and having a glimpse at it.  Starting today, I am in search for another rocking chair to paint! If you see one.. send it my way 🙂

Chairs + MOre Charity Event in Langley, BC
Chairs + MOre Charity Event in Langley, BC

Inspiration for Decorative Hand Painting

I saw this on Pinterest!! And I said! I want this!! So I did.. but changed it a bit.. I was researching on what kind of art this is.  As my reasearch has lead me, I believe this is a type of “Rosmaling”, a folk art of Norway where it comprises of S and C strokes.  Check this post for more details.

Hand painted chair pinned from Designed with Carla Aston.

Decorative Painting Chair

And This is My Version.. Drum rolls please..


I did the hand painting using Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint® in Old White and the chair is painted in Duck-Egg Blue with Soft Clear Wax. I also sketched the design using white chalk just so I know how big or small the patterns should be and to maintain symmetry.

Decorative hand Painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Rocking Chair Chalk paint
The Transformation..

I sanded it a bit once dried to make it smoother and then waxed again for protection.

IMG_9425 IMG_9424 IMG_9436 IMG_9435 IMG_9438Decorative Hand Painting Annie Sloan

So.. what do you think? Would you do something like this?

If you are in Vancouver, Pls. come and support the event. There are so many artisans who joined.  I am sure there will be a piece that will speak to your heart to take it home with you.

Have a great weekend!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

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  1.' Jamie says:

    This is gorgeous! Hope to meet you on Thursday 🙂
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you!! Me too!! 🙂

  2.' Amanda Skillin says:

    Good job Anne! This brings back so many memories of past creations… if only I had more hours in the day 😉

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you, Amanda! You are my #1 encourager! I want to see your works one of these days 🙂 I got the book too you recommended but I haven’t had the chance to look yet.. If only I have more hours in the day too.. 😉

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