[WORKSHOP] Air Plants: Glass Jar Terrariums & Living Wall Art

AIR PLANTS Workshop Terrarium

I am so stoked to tell you that Catherine Tsang of Sunday Beauty will be hosting a workshop with us!! She’s not only passionate about Nail Art, she also loves her terrariums and she would like to share it with us! I am literally squealing in excitement as I write this! So Excited!!

Who said you can’t have plants as the winter comes? or because you have a small space?.. We don’t think so..

About the Workshop 

What is the coolest plant on the block? Air plants (or Tillandsia), of course! These awesome plants are grown without soil, can hang out comfortably on rocks, dead branches and many other types of surfaces (even mid-air!), are able to survive a month or more without water or light, come in a diverse range of varieties and blooms, and are very easy to take care of. Yes! You’ll take home these babies on a jar and as a wall art!

What You’ll Do

In this class, you will learn how to use nail polishes to transform an ordinary recycled glass jar into a pretty terrarium home for your new air plant friends. In addition, you will learn how to create a string art living wall using a wooden plaque, nails and thread. This will definitely be a conversation starting art piece and another great way to show-off your amazing air plants. 

What You’ll Take Home

At the end of class, you will be able to bring home one or two glass jar terrariums, a string art living wall, and super simple instructions on how to keep your air plants healthy and happy!!

AIR PLANTS- TILANDSIA Terrarium Workshop

What To Bring

Bring a jar or two! We love recycling! So if you have any jar or glass pieces where you can put your air plants, bring it! If you don’t have any, let us know and we’ll provide one for you. You can also bring decorations for terrariums (rocks, figurines, sea shells etc) for a personal touch (optional). That’s it! And the rest we’ll take care of.

When and Where

Save the date! Oct. 25, 2014, Saturday from 2-5 PM at our home in The Heights, North Burnaby.

How Much is the Workshop?

Fee is $40 including all the materials needed!  If you need a jar, we can provide one for $2 each. We only have 6 spots available so register soon! To register and save your spot, contact me via email: anne@anneshetty.com or call me at 7788884295.

Hope to see you at this workshop and let’s all have some fun!!

With love,


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