Yunuen Perez and The Living Room Art in The Heights

It is quite astonishing how we meet people and the people we meet.  Let me tell you a story..  As you may know, I am in journey to discovering myself and one of the ways I explore is through my love of the arts and serendipitously, I met Yunuen.. I always believe that we meet who we meet for a reason, be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.. It shall serve a purpose.  Thanks to social media! Connecting is not as difficult if you’ll let it.

I joined a neighbourhood FB group where I saw Yunuen’s event invite about The Living Room Art in the Heights.  I was intrigued.  I’ve never heard of such.  So I commented with interest and Yunuen responded and asked if we can meet! So we did, at our neighbourhood café, at Oui Paris.  Wow, we can just chat for hours listening and sharing ideas and I was right, this event is really such a cool concept!  I just couldn’t wait!

About Yunuen Perez

Yunuen is the founder and main organizer of the event.  How awesome she is in doing this for the community and fellow artists.  I think, only an artist at heart can only understand the depths of her passion in creating this.  It is not easy, you know that.. but with the talent, vision, perseverance, and passion of an artist like Yunuen, the help of like-minded people and the support of the community, it can be done! Thank YOU, Yunuen for fostering and supporting your fellow artists as well as building a tighter community!

Yunuen Perez
Yunuen Perez

Yunuen is an independent filmmaker and media artist with a global vision. Originally from Mexico City, she lived in Houston, Texas for 15 years where she has done numerous documentaries for many organizations including Rice University, University of Houston, Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble, and Voices Breaking Boundaries (VBB).

In 2009-10, Yunuen join hands with her husband to produce their first short documentary, “Aparajita” The undefeated. The documentary has been successfully screened at Tasveer Seattle South Asian Film Festival, Topanga Film Festival, and Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival.

Her family moved to The Heights in Burnaby, BC just last year. Inspired by parents she met at her children’s school who are also great artists, she found this neighbourhood to be very artistic just waiting to be known.  And so she thought of doing the same as what she has done in Houston.  Thus, The Living Room Art in the Heights is born.

To know more about Yunuen, you can check out her work at

So.. What is The Living Room Art?

Living Room Art in the Heights

It is basically transforming ones home into a not just their own home but a home for artist’s work.  A neighbour actually opened up his home to host the event and have it filled with artwork by local artists in the community.  How cool is that? I have great neighbours!! That’s all I can say! The goal is to create an alternative space for people to come and enjoy art, creating a more casual environment than a gallery or museum and best of all, you’ll get the support of your community and your neighbours. The Living Room Art in the Heights is an event, funded by a Neighbourhood Small Grant, where local artists will share their art & voices with their own community. The evening includes performance, visual and digital art as well as installations, documentaries, and an open mic.  The ‘Living Room Art’ is actually a concept that started years ago in California. This will be the first Living Room Art event in the Burnaby Heights area inspired by The Living Room Art productions produced by Voices Breaking Boundaries in Houston, Texas where Yunuen was a part of for many years.

I never knew how very artsy this community is, not until I found out about The Living Room Art.  In this event, different artists from the neighbourhood will be featured. From visual arts like photography, film and comic art, as well as performance/dance art and literary arts like storytelling and poetry. This will surely be a an event to fill your senses and an indulgence to different forms of artistry.  I just couldn’t wait! To meet and know more about the featured artists! You can check the list of artists and their bios here.

An Invitation

Living Room Art in The Heights
Living Room Art in The Heights

If you’re an artist, an art enthusiast with a love for community, Yunuen and I invite you to come and see this unique event for an evening to fill your senses, indulge in artistry and unleash your inner artist as well!! So come and join us on Oct. 18, 2014, Saturday from 5:00 – 9:00 PM.  For more info go to the Facebook Event Invite.

Here’s a video interview about The Living Room Art and personal invite from Yunuen.

For more information about The Living Room Art in The Heights, you can check out the following:


Facebook Page:

Twitter: @artroom_Heights

Instagram: @LivingRoomArtHeights

Live Art, Share Art, Be Art!





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