BOOK REVIEW – Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan

Feel free to call me a “DIY” bookworm.  I borrow a lot of books on painting furniture and other DIYs like upholstery as well as decorative painting.  I am just so happy we live close to a library I can take my kids where they can play with puzzles and read, while I skim through a new art or craft book! Perfect place for my family!

Annie Sloan Quick and Easy Paint Transformations book
You can see all the post it bookmarked on the ones I want to try! There’s a lot! If only I can do all 50!! Why not, right?! And my table makes a perfect background too!! 🙂

I received Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan, 50 step-by-step ways to makeover your home for next to nothing, and I was jumping for joy!  This is the 2nd book by Annie Sloan that I actually own.  I first had her Simple Painted Furniture published in 1989.  I grabbed it from our neighbourhood bookstore as a gift for myself last Mother’s day.  From that first book.. and the rest is history I shall say..  You can read more of the story when I launched the Anne and Annie Blog Series.

Annie Sloan book

From that very first book I owned, I’ve been borrowing almost all her books, old and new, from the library. And I’ve been renewing them until I max it all out (for 3 months!) and then borrow it again.  The new ones have a lot of people lined up for it which may take me another month to borrow again after returning it.

Annie Sloan books borrowed from the library
The first Annie Sloan books borrowed from the library
Arts and Craft books
More books!!

Annie Sloan, Chalk Paint® and the book Quick and Easy Paint Transformations

Annie Sloan has published more than 20 books on paint, paint making, decorative techniques, interior decorating, colour and the use of paint. For me, she is the pro of all pros on painting furniture. Just like the title.. they are really quick and easy projects!! They really are!  First of all, it’s because of this wonderful paint she created, Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint®. Do you know why she came up with this kind of paint? She’s a mom with sons and she loves to paint but have little time.  She wanted to do something quick and easy for her to complete.  To know more about her, I really like this interview by Design Sponge on how she started her biz.

3 Reasons WHY I love this book

Oh, I can write can write more but that would be too long to read there won’t be any more room for excitement.. so I’ll just write 3 but definitely, there’s a so many reasons why I love this book!

1) It’s Inspiring! It’s really quick and easy! You don’t have to be a pro! It will not make you feel intimidated at all. This kind of painting technique will make you love the imperfections because it is the imperfections that make it perfect!  These are projects you can tackle so quickly and be happy in the end.

Take this one as an example, the photo below.  This oak chest has been transformed by giving it a white wash (called liming on oak wood) where you wipe off the paint and let the grain absorb the paint.  The decorative hand painting of cow parsley are done using a cardboard and matchstick?!! What?! This is why I love Annie Sloan’s books! She makes it so easy and very creative! I don’t have an art degree or background but she makes me feel I can do this too!! Yes! We all can!

Annie Sloan book
This is on p.119 of the book. The Cow Parley Chest

And look at this next photo  See the stripes on the drawer? Those lines were created using masking tape that are torn at the center and then put together to create that effect on it’s edges.

Annie Sloan book
This is on p. 72 of the book.  The Washed Pine Bookcase

2) It is literally Step-by-Step! Annie Sloan, on her book, patiently and carefully walks you through the whole painting process, step-by-step-by-step including photos! It’s very easy to follow! In fact, I used this book as I learn how to do the washed or dragged effect on a tray and eventually on our dining table.

Annie Sloan book
This is on p. 62 of the book. The Modern Mahogany Table

Talking about step-by-step, this is just a sample for one project on how to use a gold leaf for gilding.  It feels like I have to be pro to do this but because there’s a step-by-step instructions with pictures, I strongly feel that I can do it!! This is next on my list!! 🙂 Hooray!

Annie Sloan Book 2
This is on p. 141 of the book.  The Trumeau Mirror

3) More Painting Techniques! I love that it tackled t so many painting techniques from the simplest to a more complex one (but again, she makes it easy, right?).  There will be so many options for you to try and for sure it will bring you joy once you finish it.  More than just painting, waxing, aging and distressing, the book demonstrates how to do liming, white washing as well as hand painting.  There’s also gilding, stencilling, decoupage projects and more.  These projects were done on a variety of surfaces, not just on tables, chests or drawers but also on walls and floors.

Annie Sloan Book Decoupage
This is on p135 of the book. The Découpage Chest of Drawers

There you go.  There’s plenty of reason to love this book! If you’ve been wanting to try painting furniture, go for a trip to your library to see if they have this one or better yet, buy one for yourself this Christmas!

To get your copy you can order it through Amazon or better yet, visit your local stockist near you!

One more final comment on this post, I want to tell you that I did receive this book to review.  I actually requested them to send me one and this is not a paid advertisement.  I truly believe in Annie Sloan’s works, paints and books.  I’ve been borrowing them even before I received this book. She is an inspiring woman and a gift of art to the world.

What other books on painting, arts, and crafts or DIYs do you read?

Happy painting!

With love,



Check out and click here to see  my latest project where I used this book to try out a painting technique, colouring wax with paint.  

Annie Sloan Coloring Wax with paint

I also did a review of Annie Sloan Brushes here. 

Annie Sloan Brushes
Bottom: Annie Sloan Brush
Above: Wax Brush

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