The French Bench Makeover Reveal Post

This is my latest accomplishment! I combined upholstery and a new painting technique at the same time! I love it so much! Really!

Let me call it.. The French Bench Makeover..

The bench is painted with Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey with Dark Wax and then topped with Clear Wax with Old White.  You can see a full post on how I painted it here.

The French bench

But.. also, let me start this post by borrowing these words from Amanda Brown’s book SPRUCE and owner of SPRUCE Upholstery in Austin, Texas.

“I’m not going to lie, there were moments of tears, cussing and breakdowns, but they were always followed by triumph and the euphoria that comes with making something beautiful with your own hands.  And my projects comforted me after each battle. It was laborious, but it was love.”

Oh did my back hurt? Umm.. Yes! Oh did you get enough sleep? Umm.. No! But I really love what I’m doing now. My hubby once said.. “I’m happy you’ve found your passion”.. Me too.. 🙂

The Transformation

And because I am having fun, I thought of staging this cute French Bench, I call it 🙂 And learn my hubby’s camera..

The idea is for this bench to be at our narrow entry way where we can sit down and put on or take off our shoes, hang a scarf or stow away an umbrella.  But since there is no natural light in that hallway and it is so narrow, I took it outside, in our patio.  That’ll work better, I thought. Right?

The French Bench

Complete with mine and my hubby’s shoes, an umbrella and a scarf + a basket. Trivia: Is it obvious that the grey bucket where his shoes are.. is actually an ice bucket that I just painted?! Don’t be fooled! We actually use it as an umbrella holder! Talk about, re-purposing!

The French Bench

The Scarf and my daughter’s shoes.

The French Bench

I bought this scarf when I went to India in 2009. Wow! It’s 5 yrs old!

More Painting Details


I love how the dark wax is so subtle yet creating an antique look. and the pillar like legs rather than traditional ones make it look unique.


The Fabric I used for upholstery has French writings in it.  I believe it is canvas.

The French bench

These mouldings (I’m not sure what to call it) add so much character to it.. IMG_0924

Here’s another full look at it..

The French Bench

And lastly, of course, here’s my daughter eating Yan-Yan and her giggly smiles! And I told her not to touch it! She’s got chocolate in her hands!




You can check out how I painted this baby in another tutorial post on colouring wax with paint.


As well as a tutorial on Upholstery for Beginners.

Upholstery for beginners

Thank You! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Do you love benches too? Send me some photos of your lovely benches for some inspiration!

Happy Painting!

With Love,


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  1.' princes says:

    Sooo nice! I love it Anne! Congrats again on discovering your passion. 🙂

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks Princes! 🙂 I love it too! I want more benches!!!

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