Holiday Decor and Gift Ideas

Phew, what a hectic past week it was planning for our son Ryan’s first birthday party at home! It sure was a lot of prep but I am grateful for friends who helped and made everything Super for a Superman themed birthday.  Yahoo! Done! And it was tons of fun!

The day after it, well.. today is a super rainy day in Vancouver.  We all rested, ate, played, sang, and danced but it seems though there is not enough activity in the home for my little toddler Rianne, so we decided to open the box filled with Christmas stuff!!

Holiday Ideas
Her first time decorating for Christmas!


She’s been waiting for a long time and she was so excited to finally open it and decorate. She already knows what it means.. “decorate” and “decorations”! She amuses us! It’s so much fun to watch her like it’s a box of treasures! She finds, balls, bells, bows, snowflakes, angels, bears, socks, etc.  What joy it is to feed her curiosity.  It’s fun to have a daughter.  All this while Ryan sits peacefully on his bouncy chair in wonder! He did not cry at all.. just watching!

I decided to just put the balls in a tall clear vase. It’s easy and something she can definitely help me with.

Holiday decor
Tada! She says.. So happy with what she made.. she can do it all over again.. actually she wants to turn it over and put everything back! lol..
Christmas Centerpiece Holiday decor
On our dining table.. colourful and sparkling

I was actually aiming for a blue, white and purple theme but I feel like I need more colours for the children.. more cheerful and fun.  I’ll get to a more simple, elegant look ,perhaps in a few years.  For this year, I think what we had before is just perfect!

Holiday Decor and Gift Ideas

A good friend of mine Christina Waschko of Motherpreneur TV asked me for some Holiday Decor and Gift Ideas to feature on her site and of course, I said Yes! Very timely! I actually plan on decorating our home this Christmas with handmade things! Now, she’ll keep me accountable! Win, Win for both of us.

So here are some ideas I would love to do based on what I need in our home and what I think my friends would like ( I hope so..)

Holiday Decor Ideas

1) Christmas ornaments from my children’s plastic balls.  I really like this idea from Good House Keeping. It doesn’t break and safe for children even if they try and pick it up from the tree. It’s just wrapped in fabric (imagine this in burlap or canvas too) and tied with a ribbon.
Inline image 1
2) A Christmas board you can put on your door, entryway or your mantel.  We have extra boards that were not used in our closet and I think it’s perfect for it!! Plus, I already have a gray and white paint I can use plus some reds for accent.
Inline image 2

By Aimee Weaver Designs – Her designs are amazing! 🙂
Inline image 3

Holiday Gift ideas
1) Sharpie Painted/ Drawn Glass – this can also be a tea light holder or a container for just anything.. depends on what kind of jar/glass I get at the thrift store that interests me.  I already have a sharpie at home to use in gold and silver.  This should be easy yet beautiful and fun to do!
Inline image 4
2) Monogram Coasters – I also love this one too – a coaster tied in a gingham bow!
Inline image 5

Inline image 6

3) Toddler painted gift wrapper – Lastly, I’m imagining gift wrappers made up of just paper craft and with stamped prints of shapes in christmas colours by my lil one for a more personal and childlike fun. 🙂
Have you started decorating your home for Chrsitmas? What are you plans? Did you know that in the Philippines where I grew up, we start decorating as early as September?! Yeah! Crazy, right?! As soon as the “ber” month hits.. the Christmas countdown begins!
I know it’s still early.. but I might as well greet you a Happy Holiday decorating!
Stay tuned for what Christina and I will come up with!
With love,
Lastly, check out my latest DIY project, a re-upholstered mini bench! I call it the French Bench! It’s really easy! You can do it too!
Upholstery for beginners



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