Inspiration – Calligraphy And Hand Lettering

For the past weeks I’ve been wanting to try calligraphy or at least in a less formal way, hand lettering.  But instead of a calligraphy pen, I want to use a paint brush.. for now.  I am not dismissing the idea of learning calligraphy at its finest.  It’s fun and easier in a way because all you need is a pen, ink, and paper.  I also find it very relaxing since I have to really slow down as I do the strokes.

I’ve stumbled upon people in person and on Instagram (gotta love social media, right?) who are master’s of the art. They are so inspiring and just amazing! Let me share them with you.

First, I met these ladies at the Word Vancouver Festival, where they are giving away free bookmarks with your name in calligraphy, they are members of the West Coast Calligraphy SocietyEstablished since 1978, the West Coast Calligraphy Society is a group of people with a common bond–a love of all things calligraphic. They share their knowledge of design, colour, illustration, bookbinding, paper making and other talents with everyone interested in the art of letters. Many of their members teach beginning and more advanced calligraphy throughout the Lower Mainland.  They meet every month at the Jericho Hill Centre, 4196 West 4th Avenue and also offer classes and seminars.

West Coast Calligraphy Society
By Brigitte Stermann – All You Need is Love

And then I met Karla Lim of Written Word Calligraphy.  Based here in Vancouver, her works have been featured in numerous wedding publications.  She offers modern romantic calligraphy for weddings and events. I follow her on Instagram and her works are very inspiring especially the writings she does from the Bible verses.  She inspires me to express my faith more. For the Lord is the Master Artist and Designer of All! Thanks, Karla! Make sure you check out her Instagram account @writtenwordcalligraphy with 10K+ followers.

Written Word Calligraphy
Works by Karla Lim of Written Word Calligraphy via Instagram

Lastly, through Karla’s Instagram, I met Fozzy Castro-Dayrit of The Fozzy Book. Based in Manila, Philippines, she also does calligraphy and designs for weddings.  Check out her works on Instagram @thefozzybook with 15K followers! Wowzers!

Works by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit of The Fozzy Book.
Works by Fozzy Castro-Dayrit of The Fozzy Book via Instagram

When I saw their works, I remembered the days back in University where we had to do Engineering lettering.  I remember using the fountain pen in so much disappointment with the ink making a mess and having to redo everything. I wish I had kept my pens.. only if I had known that I will go back to this with so much interest and enthusiasm now. You’ll never know what the future holds really.. Looking back, I find it really funny.

What I decided to do..

I’ve been planing on some Christmas decorating and I really wanted a Christmas board.  So with the extra panels we have, I decided to put my hands to test! I’ve been practicing and practicing, watching youtube, browsing the net, books and all.

Calligraphy Books
Calligraphy Books I borrowed from the library

Using my thinnest paint brush, I tried it on paper.

Calligraphy Practice Sheet
Calligraphy Practice Sheets

And today, I tried it on the board.  First, I wrote a draft using chalk and then painted it.

Brush Lettering Hand Lettering
Draft of the design using chalk

It’s not perfect.. but I had fun! And now.. I have a Christmas board on our entryway with exactly the right words and message I want to say to our guests and to you!

Brush Lettering Hand Lettering

Brush Lettering Hand LetteringIt’s not done yet.. I still have to wax it, give it a bit of distressed and aged look so stay tuned for updates! And I also am in a lookout for a good brush and a good teacher! 🙂

Join me in this another art adventure! Learning is fun!

Have you done Calligraphy and Hand Lettering? Pls. share your tips and I’d like to see your works!

Live Art, Share Art, Be Art!

Happy Lettering!



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