Trying A New Painting Technique – Colouring Wax with Paint

I noticed that I’ve been very courageous with my painting career (lol.. I want it to be my career!). I always want to try new things, create what I’ve picture in my head.. just something new, new colour, new wax colour, new painting technique, new style, new look.  The best thing about DIY is that it is still original to you! I didn’t create the technique, I followed a project in Annie Sloan’s book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations (which I reviewed here) and the outcome is exactly how I wanted it to be! It is fun to learn something new and a bit scary at the same time.. what if it’s too dark? Or the colour doesn’t compliment the fabric? Yet, I’m glad I followed my instinct!

The Bench and How I Wanted it to Look

Annie Sloan Painting Technique - Wax Paint
BEFORE… And do you wanna see how I dismantled it? Not easy!! Phew!

This is the mini bench that I’ve upholstered.  It was love at first sight the first time I saw it! And now with the new upholstery and paint, I’m even more in love with it!

Annie Sloan Painting Technique - Wax Paint
AFTER.. with the new upholstery..

I love the fabric! It has french scripts written sparingly! I chose a fabric that will compliment the paint that I already have at home.  You may opt to do the other way, choosing the fabric first or however you like it.  I actually chose the paint colour based on our flooring, you can see in the photo.

Annie Sloan Painting Technique - Wax Paint
AFTER painting..

Tada!! The bench is painted with Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey with Dark Wax and then topped with Clear Wax with Old White. The transformation is amazing! I am blown away! I just want hints of dark wax to it.. I don’t want it to go too dark.  I believe the little hints of brown perfectly compliments the fabric!

Colouring Wax with Paint

Annie Sloan Coloring Wax with paint

Waxing the bench with a tiny bit of Old White made the dark wax very subtle and just the right amount the antique look.  As I’ve written above, this technique is found Annie Sloan’s book, Paint and Easy Quick Transformations when she painted a distressed armoire.

Waxing with Paint

1) Cover fully with paint – I did 3 coats. Let it fully dry.

2) Apply Clear wax and while it’s still wet, apply the Dark Wax.  Tip: DON’T FORGET to apply Clear Wax first before Dark Wax if you don’t want it too dark. 

3) Wipe off Dark Wax, but not fully.  It should still be a bit wet.

Wax Paint

4) Now, On your brush, add some clear wax and then dip your brush in Old white. You can see in the photo, that there is not a lot of paint in there and because my brush is flat, I only used the corners for painting. Just the right amount based on how you like it.  I think this is the best way to tame or soften the colour of the Dark Wax!  In her book, I believe she added old white directly onto the dark wax and then another coat of clear wax after. She also notes “Too much paint and it won’t mix, too little and the wax will have no colour”. The book has amazingly easy to understand instructions!!

5) Apply  the wax with paint onto the surface and then wipe it off.  You can immediately see how the dark wax has lightened up.

Wax Paint

6) Do this in sections at a time. I started with the edges first and then the inside.

7) You may opt to lightly sand it for a smoother texture.  I didn’t though.. I just let it the way it is.

Up Close

I was painting at night.. while my children were asleep so it’s hard for me to see its real colour.  I was hoping and praying that when I take photos of it next day, that it’ll turn out good.  It did! 🙂 And I love it!!

Here are some pictures of it up close! I also love to learn my hubby’s camera.. still learning.. so bear with me (to the pros out there)!

Annie Sloan Coloring Wax with paint Annie Sloan Coloring Wax with paint

See all that texture? I love it! It’s because of the brush that I’m using!

Annie Sloan Coloring Wax with paint This is exactly how I wanted the pillars and the base to be!!

The French bench

CLICK HERE to view more photos of this beautiful French bench in this full reveal post.  I did a little bit of staging just for fun! Like I’m a pro! 😉 *wink* *wink*

If you are interested on how I upholstered it, click here to view the upholstery for beginners tutorial.

Upholstery for beginners

What do you think? Would you do something like this?  Have you used colored wax before? I want to see your work! Comment below!

Happy Painting!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

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