Christmas at the Shetty’s, (a corner of our) Home Tour

The title actually sounds funny.. I wanted to call it a home tour, but in reality I actually just decorated a specific corner in our living room.. lol.. but it’s fun to put it on the blog for us to remember Christmas 2014.  Lately, I’ve been following a series of Holiday House Walks from different bloggers hosted by artist and designer Jennifer Rizzo.  One (as far as I know..) Canadian and a BC local is part of the tour, Jamie of Sew Much Better with Age and you can check her beautiful home and gorgeous Christmas decor on her blog.  It’s amazing to see how beautiful each home is and most especially I am amazed how uniquely different each from the others.  I admire their creativity, their imagination, and execution! These women are talented! And I believe all of us are if we let it flow through us.  These women are amazing! Great job! And to think that most of their decor are made by themselves and a business of their own.  Very inspiring!

So.. I decided to do a Holiday Home Tour.. but really, it’s just a corner of our living room.. I still put a smile on my face as I write this.

Christmas tree home decor
My cute lil helper!

Let me start with my lil elf.. the best helper ever! Just seeing the joy and amusement on her face as we set up the tree, make the ornaments, hang them on is precious!! At this age, at 2 1/2 yrs. old, she knows and says the word “decorate” and “decorations”.. she makes me laugh!

Here’s a full look of our Christmas Tree! Tada! Finally, a good day for taking pictures has come! 

Christmas Tree and Home Decor

On Christmas Ornaments

I intended not to spend a huge amount of money on Christmas tree ornaments and decor, I find that with creativity there’s really a potential waiting to be unleashed, you think of it more and do more which makes it more special.  Believe it or not, I only spent money to buy the ribbons to tie the Christmas ball ornaments made up of my children’s toy balls and scrap fabric I already have at home.  That’s it.. $4!  All the rest were old ornaments that were actually from my mom-in-law and some where from our first Christmas since Ricky and I got married in 2011. If ever I will buy in the next years to come, I will make the commitment to either making it myself, buying at a thrift store or a swap meet to minimize waste or from a local artisan to support their living and the community.

Christmas Tree DIY Ball Ornament
DIY Christmas Tree  Ball Ornament.  I wrapped the ball with a cloth table napkin and tied it with a ribbon.

Christmas Tree DIY ball ornament

I also find that these ball ornaments are safest for my children especially Ryan who tries to pick up everything from the tree and eat it.  I am at peace that this one has no small metal parts that can be swallowed

Christmas Tree home decor

Notice the red garlands on the tree? Honestly, I was thinking of throwing it away but I was hesitant.  I know it can still be of use but I don’t want it to go around the tree.  I wanted to use pom-poms made up of wool (see it here from Miss Mustard Seed) but I don’t have that so I used these garlands instead. I cut them in 5 equal pieces, tie them together in a bun, spread them out like a star and voila! It added a lot of colour and sparkle to the tree in a different way! I’m glad I didn’t throw it away!

Christmas Tree home decor
The red garlands and the words on the tree are a perfect match!

Words on the tree

When I made the photo gallery wall art in our bedroom, one of the frames have these cards and I kept it not knowing what to do with it and then I saw in one of the Home Walks I am following that she has put her prints (she sells them too) on her tree and that gave me an idea!! Immediately, I thought of doing the same with the words I actually want to wish everyone this Christmas.

You may have known that I admire hand lettering and calligraphy.  This one’s a good practice! Trying it out won’t hurt and practice makes perfect (that’s what I tell myself)! 🙂

Christmas Tree home decor Christmas Tree home decor Christmas Tree home decor

There’s a lot of people my husband and I welcome in our home, and I hope as they sit and chat in the living room, that this Christmas brings them Peace, Love, Joy, Hope and Blessing.

Christmas Tree home decor

Let me end this with the greatest of them all.. Love.. the true meaning of the season from the very First Christmas, the reason we celebrate.

It may be still too early but we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours!

Christmas Sign Board
You can check out more about this Christmas Sign Board here.

 How did you decorate your home this year for the Holidays? Did you do something special and do you have some family traditions? I would love to hear your story!

With love,


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  1.' Sudha says:

    This Christmas Tree is a labour of Love.
    So pretty with your creativity and little Rianne’s help.The little Elf is beaming with Joy

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks Mom Sudha! 🙂

  2.' Christina says:

    Beautiful blog post Anne! Love your board, the colours and your xmas ornament balls!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank You Christina!! Can’t wait for the video! 🙂

  3.' Stifany says:

    so beautiful Anne!!!!!!! galing!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thank you! 🙂 See yah soon!!

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