Holiday Window Painting

I’ve mentioned on the blog before that a year ago, we moved to The Heights. This Christmas season, this area in North Burnaby looks quite busy and festive. If you’ve driven along Hastings in the Burnaby Heights area, you’ll see quite a lot of the merchants and restaurants and their holiday window paintings. What caught my eye the most are the happy, colourful window paintings to greet you this season.


This one is at Fortuna Bakery . Pardon the poorly captured photo with my iphone. But these window holiday arts along The Heights are really eye catching!



These 2 are from the famous, Anton’s Pasta Bar.

There are lots more in the area so keep your eyes open and get ready to feel a lot like Christmas!


And this one is from the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Kitsilano. Very simple snowflakes! Very doable, right? I don’t need an art degree to do something like that!

Holiday Window Painting in our Home

I was inspired!! I wanted to do one at home!! Seriously! So I went to Deserres and asked them which paint to use. They gave me a bottle of watercolour they call Tempera. I bought one in white! I think it’s a good idea to practice some hand lettering I’ve been doing and do it on our windows!!  It’s time to be bold and brave!

This is what I’ve been practicing on paper.  It’s much harder to get it right on paper in such a small scale.


And this is what I came up with on our window! Thank you Instagram, you make it look so much better! Lettering is enough for me as I don’t know how to draw.


It’s so much easier than I thought!! Glad I had more courage at 3:00 in the morning! Hahaha! The paint easily glides. I felt like my handwriting is more stable than practicing on paper. Because it is huge, I guess that made it easier. Quite the contrary when you think of it, but it isn’t!

I also did one on our hallway closet mirror.  This is what greets you as you enter our door! Oh, I want to do more!! What would our home look like if I do?! It is fun!! That’s all I can say!


Here are some more pictures of our window.

Window painting holiday artThis is how it looks during a cloudy Vancouver Day,  It’s just right to bring me sunshine as I look at it!

Window painting holiday artAnd our Christmas Tree of course..  I think they compliment each other! What a perfect match!

Window painting holiday art Window painting holiday art

Here’s one last look..

Window Painting Holiday Art

Such a great reminder for our family what this season is really all about.

Will you do something like this?  I think this is fun!! Especially with the children.  I can’t wait for Rianne and I to do something together.. I can imagine snowflakes, socks, snowman and so much more!!

Wishing you all a Merry Merry Christmas!!

With love,



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