The Perfect Gift for the Sweet Tooth – DIY Cake Stand

I couldn’t believe it’s only 10 days before Christmas! Wow! Time went by really fast! I never felt this way when I was younger.. I’m just a bit older now.

With the luxury of time I have now, I wanted to make some special gifts to my friends and this idea made me think of my friends who bake and make desserts.  They are the ones who bring their baked goods at parties and the very first thing I try to have a bite of! So delicious and yummy!

DIY Cake Stand

DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter

I first saw this at the DIY section of the book Design Sponge by Grace Bonney and when I saw it, I first thought of my friends who love to bake and make desserts.  This is the perfect gift for them. A cake topper or dessert platter.  I’ve also seen this in a few blogs when they style. They use cake platters to display vintage items and then cover it with a dome.  When I saw this on the book, I never thought making it could be that easy.. literally.. just be careful with gluing it.. I’ll tell you why later.. :-p

All you need are plates and the base.  I got some vintage plates from our neighbourhood thrift shop! I love them!

DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter
A Vintage English China by Royal Swan
DIY Cake Stand
At the back of the plate
DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter
Royal Albert, Tranquility Pattern

What you’ll need:

  • Plate 
  • Candlestick holder (or anything with a flat top to hold your plate and a sturdy base.  Make sure your plate can stand at the top even without a glue.  If so, then you’ve got a perfect pair)
  • Strong glue (I used a super glue from Home Hardware)
  • Eye goggles or eye glasses (for safety! You don’t want to spurt glue on your eyes! Like I did! Silly meee.. ask me how it happened! )
  • Gloves (again, just for safety, you don’t want to glue your fingers right? )

How to make your own cake stand:

  1. Measure the centre of your plate and mark it.
  2. Measure the diameter of the top of the candlestick holder. Divide that by two (the radius).
  3. From the centre of your plate, mark 4 points based on your measured radius.  Now this serves as your guide.
  4. Put glue on your candlestick holder. Follow instructions from package.
  5. Turn plate with the bottom facing you. Place the candlestick holder at the centre of your plate your plate. ( I also put a heavy book on top of it to add a bit of pressure.. this may not be necessary)
  6. Once dry, turn it over and let dry for 24 hours.

** Care Instruction: Hand wash only **

The Perfect Gift

This one is for my friend Lhiza who makes the best Mango Pudding!! I think this plate will compliment her delicious Mango Pudding!!

DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter

DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter
The rose pattern is just gorgeous.
DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter
I have no prepared deserts (coz I don’t bake! I rely on them.. lol) at home so I used some Christmas ornaments for his photo.

You may know that I am also trying my hands to do some lettering.. this one turned out good surprisingly! Love the L, H and Z that made it so pretty! I have to add this photo here.  If you want to check out my lettering adventures check my Instagram.

hand lettering

And this one is for my friend Grace who makes the best chocolate cake!! She made Ryan’s birthday cake too!

DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter
I love it!! Looking so special 🙂


DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter
Royal Albert, Tranquility Pattern

She already have the tea cups and saucers! Waiting for a tea party soon!

DIY Cake platter Dessert Platter

There you have it! Very easy gifts for your sweet friends! You’ll be sure to warm their hearts and fill it with joy. 🙂 I am happy they were happy when they opened it. 🙂

Merry Christmas! Remember.. It’s always the thought that counts..

With Love,


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