Reclaiming Our Bedroom – The Photo Gallery Wall Art

It took me almost more than a year after we moved to our home for me to decorate the master’s bedroom!! It took me that long?! When in the process, it only took one evening while the children were sleeping! Yikes! I delayed it for too long! But I am happy now.. At least, now it looked like OUR bedroom.  The walls are no longer bare! And the baby bassinet is gone!! Not that the kids are in their own room.. I will admit, we are co-sleepers.. 🙂 The master’s bedroom is still is not our own bedroom.. not yet, but at least it’s got a bit of something about Ricky and I to call it OUR bedroom, at last!

The day I took out the baby bassinet! I see a huge space! Now what to put in there?
The day I took out the baby bassinet! I see a huge space! Now, what to put in there? Photo via Instagram.

Our Living Room and the Family Gallery Wall

When we moved to our place last year, the first thing we did was the living room since we love having people over.  We pushed ourselves to get things sorted out by Christmas last year as we hosted a Christmas dinner for friends.  It’s good in a way because we really crunched and did things just in time for that occasion. Like what Rianne would say.. “No more dilly dally”.  Oh, She does say the cutest things.

Our living room has a gallery wall of our family pictures taken over time. It’s always good to look at.  Amazingly, the frames fit so well together as if it was planned long ago to look like this.

Living room gallery wall
Our living room gallery wall.  Photo via Instagram

Drum rolls please… Our Bedroom Now with Photo Gallery Wall Art

Sheesh.. I can’t believe I didn’t take a before picture but just imagine the walls bare.. no nothing at all but the kids’ fingerprints and milk spills.. lol


Bedroom Photo Gallery Wall

It’s simple yet I think it captures want I wanted to express and show.. our marriage, our love, the smiles, the joy, the unity.

The photo gallery wall art is made up of photos on canvas, frames, and words.

The photos on canvas I did myself for such a fraction of the cost when done at a photo lab!!  These are 4 8x10s mounted onto a 16×20 canvas.  You can check out Crystal’s Photo on Canvas tutorial on how to do it yourself.

The frames were bought at the PNE last summer for $2 each and painted in Old White with Clear wax.


These were the frames before I painted them! Check them out next year at the PNE, they sure will be there again.. I think!

And the words were given to me by our Friend Marika.  She have the same thing in her dining room.  Thanks, Marika!!

painted photo frames

This frame was originally gold.  I painted it in Old White and then distressed it a little bit to show a bit of the gold.. I love it! This I think is my favourite frame.

painted photo frames
A closer look..

Photo Gallery Wall Art


Now.. let me tell you the story..

A gallery wall somehow tells a story so let me share it with you.  I chose these pictures with a purpose.. not just because they’re pretty.. it does tell a story.

Ricky and I got married on July 1, 2011 aboard the Wedding Yacht.  For people who know my husband, Ricky is always grand, he likes things to be the best! And for me, our wedding was grand, and the best! Who gets married with all the fireworks in the background as we dance through the night?! We did! It was Canada Day!! We are aboard the yacht and danced the night away with the spectacular display of fireworks! I could never ask for more!

Bedroom Photo Gallery Wall

On his side of the bed is his portrait, the fireworks, a black and white photo and our wedding topper.

Bedroom Gallery WallOn my side of the bed is a portrait of me, the fireworks, our wedding rings, and another black and white photo.  Very similar to the layout on Ricky’s side of the bed.


Photo Gallery Wall Art

The middle canvas are photos of us, the sweet kisses and the smiles of newly weds..

Photo Gallery Wall Art Our bed frame is from IKEA, The Brimnes bed frame and head-board.  I like the extra storage that comes with the frame and head-board.

BlanketsThis white blanket is very special to me.  It’s my mom’s gift for our wedding, hand-woven in her hometown, La Union, Philippines.

Photo Gallery Wall Art And one last full look..


And to my hubby.. dearest, Ricky.. May we always remember through good times and the bad the vow we promised the Lord the day of our wedding.. May He keep us strong and abiding in his love.  I love you!!!

How did you decorate your bedroom? I’m sure there’s a story to it.. I would love to hear it!!

With Love,






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  1.' Zee says:

    Super nice ate anne! 🙂 would love to do this in our own room! 🙂

    1. anneshetty says:

      Zaren it’s easy.. Make sure you check the link on how to transfer photo on canvas! Thank you! 🙂

  2.' Amanda Skillin says:

    Great Job Anne! It looks lovely, the only thing is …. why did you wait so long! 😉

    1. anneshetty says:

      I know!!! I delayed it for too long! 🙂 thanks Amanda! 🙂

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