Grateful for 2014! Hello 2015!

Happy New Year from our family to yours! Writing my first blogpost of the year in beautiful Salt Spring Island BC at Frida’s Villa!

I created this brush lettering.. one of many things I discovered this year..
I created this brush lettering.. one of many things I discovered this year..

What a year 2014 has been for me and my family.  I am very thankful and grateful for what life has brought me the past year and I am ready to embrace the year 2015 in so much excitement, drive, passion, joy, energy, enthusiasm, love, dreams, goals, intentions.. like what my husband always says, the best is yet to come!! Here’s to greater things in 2015!

A look back at 2014!

I can’t remember much what happened half of the year, from January – May 2014 but I have very vivid memories from June 1st till the end of the year! Thanks to the blog! I launched the blog and wrote my first post on June 1st 2014! It’s been 7 months of blogging and I’ve written 76 blogposts last year?!! Who would’ve thought I can write? and that many?! Wow! I am amazed at myself! Really! If it is your plan in 2015 to write a blog go do it! Just do it!! And if you already started, just keep writing.. and write the things you love! there’s absolutely no rule in blogging.. if you write what you love, it will just come out naturally.. The blog has been an amazing journey and it allowed for self-discovery.. things I don’t know about myself were revealed because I chose to discover without any hesitations and it has been a wonderful journey! It allowed myself to dream.. to do what I love to do and to be truthfully happy, and grateful for the world I live in.

Anne Shetty Projects
A logo I designed in Oct. with a collection of projects I did.

In 2014, I discovered that I can paint furniture, I can upholster, I met people in our neighbourhood, I met artists, made new friends, built relationships, went to an art event, went to more events, I hosted my first workshop, I roamed the streets, I was inspired, I found out I can do lettering, I had an instagram and twitter accounts, I can design, I can write, and most of all I can be a woman, a wife, and a mom without losing myself, I can be happy, I found out I have a purpose, I can dream and pursue it.. and so much more! All this because I made a decision in the middle of 2014 that I will do it! And I did!

It’s not really how much I was able to do or how many posts I wrote, or the numbers and stats.. it is the journey and the process that mattered the most and the realization of many things.. it is about believing, dreaming and to be truly living.

So now..

What does 2015 hold?

I don’t know.. I made plans, I painted goals, I envisioned my dreams and its up to me to pursue it like I did in 2014.  Rather than writing it.. because I still don’t have the words to say it.. I took this photo from our trip to Salt Spring Island and it spoke to me.. The possibilities are endless.. you can choose to stop, take a step back or sail away whichever way you choose.. My wish is you find greatness.. And that’s what I aim for.. We are in here to be great, live our potentials and serve our purpose whatever it is to you..

New Year - Greatness Typography
A photo taken in Salt Spring Island

Here’s to GREATNESS in 2015!!

Wishing you all the best this year and the years to come!

Enjoy the journey!

With love,



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  1.' Sudha says:

    With such a great mindset you Two will achieve Greatness at the end of the road

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