Mod Podge Magic, The Recycled Box


recycled box and doilies

Does it ever happen to you where you got a box you couldn’t just throw away? Like it’s trying to tell you.. “Hey, make something out of me!”.. It happens to me very often, not just with boxes but with other stuff too, like this Ice box I turned into an umbrella holder.  You can see on this post how I used it in a photo shoot.  But I have to be very careful at not hoarding.  I have to make sure I make something out of them as quickly as possible as I can, or else it just becomes clutter.   For some reason, these days I’ve become more conscious of what I buy. do I need it and whether an item will just be thrown away after only a few uses.  As much as I can, I try to re-use and re-cycle and most especially, re-claim like I did on this bench and this bench.  It always stick to my head whether an item will go to the dump or be recycled.  Hey, I’m 30 (and probably old) and in age comes wisdom and more consciousness.

recycled box and doilies
The box and the cake doily! A perfect match!

So when I had this box by Gnusante.. I just couldn’t throw it away! It was well built and designed, and I think the size is good too! I have to make something out of it! But what? and why? And then, I found a perfect partner for it, a paper doilies from one Ryan’s monthly birthday cakes (Yes, we buy him a cake every month for the 1st year of his life!).  I had it all in mind as to what to do and all that but I had it staying in my shelves for some quite some time until Christmas.  I found a perfect person for it, I think!  I was originally going to make it for myself to store my stash of sewing patterns, but I decided to make it as a gift for my friend, Stifany of Princess Pepay.  She is a blogger too and she is one of the many who inspired me to start my blog.

Calligraphy and recycled box

I decided to write her name on it and here’s one of my practice sheets.  White is really good on black! And I thought gray and white will be good too! Since I already have Paris Gray Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, I just have to buy some white liquid acrylic to do the lettering. It’s very easy to recreate something out of mod podge! It’s a glue and sealer in one. So i just cut up the doily to fit the edges like a scallop lace and then glue it on the box. Once it’s all dry, I put some more mod podge all over the box just like I did on these photo collages.

Calligraphy and recycled box
Calligraphy / Brush Lettering and recycled box

I really like it and I hope she does too!!

But I made one mistake here.. the worst mistake of all!  I spelled her name wrong 🙁 It is funny, It was Ricky who called it out! Lol! She has a unique name and how could I not check the spelling?! Her name is spelled with a single f. Silly me.. Yet when I gave it to her, I said I’ll fix it with a black patch and do the same lettering but she said she doesn’t like black and gladly accepted my gift.

Calligraphy and recycled box

I also wrote on the back her life verse. I am hoping to get my lettering better especially with small writings.  It’s harder.  And I need to know the right brushes to use.

It just dawned to me now how the verse is so perfect for a recycled box.  Read it again! The verse itself teaches us to refrain our thoughts on extravagant things and a recycled item is just the right thing to combat the urge for earthly things! Amen!

Calligraphy and recycled box

Here you can see a closer look!

Calligraphy and recycled box

Here you can see the sides.. I also like the beehive print on the inside of the box!

Calligraphy and recycled box

Oh, I just love how the box, the green and the purple compliments each other!


So now.. are you ready to recycle a box you’ve been keeping? Go do it! and you’ll be amazed what you can make! And there is no limit to how personal you want it to be.

Go and get creative!

Share Art, Live Art, Be Art!

With love,


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  1.' Pepz says:

    Thanks Anne!!! It’s really beautiful 🙂 I’m using it already 🙂

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks Pepz! Sorry talaga wrong spelling.. Where are you using it?

  2.' Karla Guerrero says:

    Awesome work Anne! I can’t wait to see your amazing works with those recycled materials. You are indeed helping save Mother Earth. Good luck in everything you do! 🙂

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks Karla! 🙂 hugs to you!

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