Mod Podge Magic – My 2015 Inspiration Board

It’s been 2 months and I haven’t actually created anything.. Oh I forgot, I made this for a friend on her birthday. But anyways, I just felt like since I went back to work, I haven’t had much time to “make” something, so I decided to work on my inspiration board! Finally! It was due last month!

Remember the Christmas Board I made? It was made up of a board panel of some sort and the other side of it is blank.. So I just used that side to mod podge all these inspirational words and phrases.. And then when Christmas comes, I can just flip it over and voila! It’s Christmas again!

Mod Podge Inspiration Board
Flip the board and it’s Christmas again!

Last year, I had this very inspiring calendar with artworks by Marla Rae. It used to hang on one of my Kitchen cupboards where I see it everyday. Now that 2014 is over, I just couldn’t throw it away (just like this box)! I want to see it over and over again so I decided to cut up all the words and phrases that still speak to me. I cut it up, laid it out and mod podged it! That’s it! easy peasy!

My 2015 Inspiration Board

Mod Podge Inspiration Board
As I lay it out on our dining table..

Be the most Brilliant..

Let your Dreams!

Here are some of the words and phrases I chose.

Mod Podge Inspiration Board

I do beleive that it is about Faith and has nothing to do with luck,, hard to explain this.. but we’ve seen this in our lives.. In the Bible, it says Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

Everyday I am reminded to be SO HAPPY! 🙂 And when I come home, regardless of the chaos and mess.. I aim to be SO HAPPY! But I tell you, it’s not always successful.. but it’s worth trying and remembering daily.

Mod Podge Inpsiration Board

I love this one too.. what a great reminder to practice grace daily.. You can start fresh, wipe the slate clean, begin again”. It’s always good to know there is another time, another day to begin again.

Lastly, it’s all about LOVE! That’s it.. that sums it all up..

It hangs near our door so everytime I leave for work and come back home, I am reminded of how I should start and end my day.. With Faith, Love, Kindness, Happiness, and Dreams.

Did you make a 2015 inspiration board? What are the words or phrases you chose to declare this year?

Be inspired! Live art, Share Art, Be Art!

With love,







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