In my Sewing Dreams – The Watson Lingerie Set

Oh my! Oh my! I’ve been itching on sewing again! It’s been like forever since I last used my sewing machine! I was planning on things for #Project30 when I remembered a post by Sewaholic on Watson Bra by Caroline of Blackbird Fabrics where she sells the Watson Kit! For now, it will stay on my Sewing dreams list that I have to fulfill sooner or later.  This one I wouldn’t let to pass.

Meet The Watson Lingerie Set

The Watson Lingerie set is by Amy of Cloth Habit.  She is based out of Austin Texas.  Remember my post on upholstery? Amanda the author of Spruce (your go to guide on DIY upholstery) is from Austin too.  Amazing to know talented women from that city!

Photo credit: Ooh I love this style.. It has the 70’s groove! Wider bands and no underwires for absolute comfort!!

Have you been thinking of sewing your own lingerie? I am!!  Thanks for the influence of Tasia of Sewaholic.  Once in a while, she would post her lingerie projects and they are all so amazing! And with the kits prepared by Caroline, Ooh.. how can I say No!? Not a chance. I have to write it on the blog for my sewing dreams list. Can you imagine how thankful your body will be with you? And to actually have underwear exactly fitted for you?! Oh my gosh, I am so excited!!

Photo credit:  This is one of my favourites by Tasia.  Looking so fun!
Photocredit: Here's a closer look.
Photo credit:
Here’s a closer look.

Tasia made a very good review on this pattern.  Her complete post can be seen here.

Photocredit: Another favourite of mine is this one by Amy! What a lovely black and white contrast.. Simple yet edgy! I love it!
Photo credit:
Another favourite of mine is this one by Amy! What a lovely black and white contrast.. Simple yet edgy! I love it!

Are you ready to sew?

If you are not, you will be! No excuses anymore! Why? Because these wonderful people have made it easier for all of us. In Tasia’s review she mentioned that the instructions on the pattern is absolutely amazing with tips by Amy herself. Not only that, if you are scared, do not fret because Amy created a Watson Sew-along guide! This is a step by step process on sewing your Watson lingerie.

Photo credit: ClothHabit.comj

Not only that.. Couldn’t it be easier? Caroline prepared sewing kits specific for this pattern!! If you’re worried what fabric and supplies you’ll need, check out Black Bird fabric’s Watson kits in different colours!

Photocredit: Teal and Black Watson Bra Kit
Photo credit:
Teal and Black Watson Bra Kit

Now, what do you think? Are you up for the challenge? I am looking for a sewing buddy to make this together!! Let me know if you want to join me in sewing the Watson Lingerie!!

Let’s do this!!

Happy Sewing!


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