I’m back! And I’m gardening!

Yes! I’m back to blogging!! I’m on my mat leave again after giving birth to baby #3, so what better way to maximize my time than to blog about the things I love to do (other than taking care of 3 kids and 1 big kid – my hubby! It’s been a while since I last wrote on the blog, more than a year I think, but starting one again should get it going.

And first on my list of topics to write about is…

Hmmm… Yeah, my garden… I wish! But I do, I garden in pots! That still counts as a garden, right? 😊 Call me an urban container gardener! With the crazy housing market in Vancouver, I feel pretty lucky to live in a condo with quite spacious patios! Not 1 but 2! A south facing patio where I have my full sun plants and also serves as my children’s playground and an east facing patio which I plan to turn into a lovely sanctuary of peace and wonder. It will be my witness to all my gardening success and misshaps 😜.

Our south facing sunny patio wherethe kids can play! Look at my pots! You’ll see some progress pretty soon!!


Our east facing patio which I intend to turn into my sanctuary! Wish me luck! ☺


View from our east facing patio. Tulips and Japanese maple.


And I call this, my cherry blossom tree in the south east side view from our living room.

So, Yes! Gardening it is! Join me in this new adventure and see whether my plants thrive or dive into the valley of death (lol i hope not, but some sure did).

Comments, suggestions and tips!!! More tips pls! Are always welcome!

Happy Gardening!

In wonder, comes wisdom! Gardening or not, Let’s all learn from each other.

See yah on the sunny side of life!


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  1. Welcome back! And happy that you are enjoying the kids!

    1. anneshetty says:

      Thanks Christine!

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