Don’t throw your Geraniums!

One of the most common summer flowering plants you can see at garden centres (even supermarkets) are these beautiful and bountiful geraniums. It comes in dark shades of fiery red (most common) pinks, peach, white and many more. They bloom all summer long with little to no care at all. They are easy and not fuzzy! Sure to bring you beautiful round clusters of blooms all summer long. It’s best for beginner gardeners as it wouldn’t frustrate you! It tolerates heat and water. You can’t have too much sun or too much water (as long as your pot has a drain).

Geraniums are my first flowering plants. My mother-in-law gave it to me the first summer in our home. She said it is easy to care and sure enough, it is!

Now, why am I telling you to NOT throw them after the summer season is over?

Geraniums are labeled annuals, meaning they are seasonal and will not survive winter. Although there are hardy geraniums, if not labeled as hardy, then it must be an annual where you just toss them away after a season’s bloom.

But, NO!! Don’t throw them!

No! Don’t Throw Your Geraniums!

Believe it or not, my geraniums survived the Winter spells (we live in Vancouver)! Vancouver is a zone 7/8.

One of them have been blooming for 3 summers in a row!  Amazing isn’t it? And all my other geraniums were from last year.

red geraniums
Left white pot is now on it’s 3rd summer!! Amazing! Isn’t it?!
Untitled design (2)
Oh! I love these peach geraniums!
Red Geraniums
These red geraniums just stand out in the garden!
light pink geranium
Beautiful light pink geraniums
They’re on fire! These geraniums love the sun!!

So, What did i do?

Nothing! I just trimmed the leaves and cut a bit of the stems depending on the height I want it to be for the next season and voila! They all came back healthy and blossoming non-stop! I met a lady at a garden centre a few years back and she says she digs them up in the fall and stores them away and fet it ready for spring. You can do that too! But i’m a lazy gardener so I just let them be and hope for the best!

So next time you go pick up some annuals, dont be so sad spending some on these lovelies. It’ worth the buck or two!

Now, let’s see how long my geraniums will live if not forever ☺ and I’ll keep you posted!

And the most beautiful flower of all
And the most beautiful flower of all 🙂

Happy Gardening!

*** Next post: My Rununculus adventure! Stay tuned!***

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