To Live Life is to Learn: Painting with Watercolour

When I was pregnant with my eldest, Rianne, I wanted to learn how to sew, so I learned it. After giving birth to Ryan, I wanted to paint furniture, so I learned it. While I was pregnant with Renzo, I wanted to learn how to garden, so I learned it and now I want to paint using watercolour, so I’m going to learn it!

There are tons of things to learn! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s my addiction, the good kind.  I like to learn things. Do you?

Here’s what’s in my bucket list:

  1. Painting with Watercolour – doing this now
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Screen Printing
  4. Jewelry Making
  5. Pottery
  6. Graphic Design – will be doing this! I bought an online course.
  7. More Excel – Yes! I like math and organization lol
  8. WordPress
  9. Pokemon Go? Maybe!!
  10. And more… Wood working… and the list just goes on and on and on…

Now, How am I going to do this with 3 children around me? I don’t know, lol. I guess I can try holding a paintbrush with me my mouth while my hands are busy shoving them away. Just kidding… *wink*

I am going to do this… I am going to do this… Yes, Yes, Yes!

STEP1: Get Supplies! To get me started, of course, I have to get a watercolour palette and watercolour paper. To make it way easy for me, coz I don’t know anything,  I bought a card kit at 4CATS on Main St.  It’s great that they offer kits! It contained a watercolour palette, card stock, brushes, a template and instructions. This is what I’ve used so far. And then I did a little bit of research on what’s a good brand or kind of watercolour.  It is important that It’s packable and handy as we have plans of travelling this year. My watercolours are the only hobby I can bring with me. Can’t bring my plants. Sad. But maybe I can paint them before we leave?! Good idea! I found out about the brand, PRANG and used my 50% coupon at Michael’s and get it for cheap. It’s a semi-moist watercolour, still not the artist kind.  I want to know first what I’m doing before I invest in a much more expensive set.  We’ll see!

STEP2: Try it! I tried painting with watercolour. Not really, more like just played with it. So I made these 2 types of cards for Rianne’s teachers and invitations for her birthday.  Not fancy! Anyone can do it! Even Rianne can!

Watercolour Invitations
Watercolour Invitations
Watercolour Thank You Card
Watercolour Thank You Cards

STEP3: Get Resources! Amazing, how we have a great library all over Vancouver! Most watercolour books are unavailable (so popular right now).  I put a hold for them and I get them in a week or so.  They’re never coming back to the library (just joking). I can renew twice (I think). I’ve also watched some YouTube videos! And looked at Pinterest. There’s so many resources available, actually.  Don’t get caught up in the studying part, which I think I already am. Gotta try it!

A Fuchsia flower in watercolor painting by Julie Colins in her book Painting Flowers with Impact in Watercolor
A Fuchsia flower in watercolour painting by Julie Colins in her book Painting Flowers with Impact in Watercolor

STEP4: Take a Class! I am lucky, I live in a quite artsy city. Vancouver has a lot to offer in terms of watercolour classes. Be it an intensive watercolour course or modern techniques of quick tips, there’s a lot to choose from. Shadbolt in Burnaby offers 8 session workshops, Deserres have 2 hour classes (the most affordable) and Love by Phoebe on watercolour floral. I’ve researched a few more but this is what I have on my list based on location, affordability and style. I’m sure you’ll find a class near you!

STEP5: Don’t hesitate, just get creative! This is what I like about watercolour or any art, there’s really no right or wrong. The fluidity of watercolour makes it exciting. I am in awe of its of the subtle shades it make and amazed by the softness of boldness of colour depending on how you want it to be.  I look at books and I’m like… How did he/she painted that? It’s just beautiful.

Happy Learning! What new thing are you learning or wanting to learn? Let me know, we can be learning buddies!! Till next time!

Rianne and Ryan did a watercolour class at Kabuni Vancouver
Rianne and Ryan did a watercolour class at Kabuni Vancouver.


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