Watercolour Inspiration

Gosh, It’s been a month since I wrote a post! But I’m back now!

I want to have a record of my progress as I learn to paint with watercolour.  It is fun to read some of my old blog posts when I was learning how to paint furniture. So I thought I’d do the same for this new artistic adventure.

I’ve been researching through books I borrowed in the library, you tube videos and other blog posts and I think I’ve come to the conclusion as to which style of watercolour painting I’d like to explore more or follow.

It’s easy to get caught up with so many ways on how to paint, so i narrowed it down to these 4 amazing artists and why?

  1. Jean Haines – Amazing!! I love it! In one of her books (World of watercolor)I borrowed from the library, she always tries to capture the “essence” of the subject rather than the exact picture of it. In one blog post by one of her students, Angela Fehr (also another inspiration), she said that Jean leaves the interpretation of the art to the viewer. Jean’s style is very loose and it amazes me. She’s coming to Vancouver in November! Gosh! I hope I can join! If not, I am sure to chase her someday. Her book also has some exercises you can try! I’ve tried the sweet peas and rose I will share in a future post.
  2. Angela Fehr – Canadian and fellow British Columbian! Hooray! I first saw her painting of a sunflower with a blue center, contrasting the yellow petals.  Angela also paints loosely and has amazing you tube videos and tutorials. Some are free so feel free to check it out!
    Brilliance by Angela Fehr
    Brilliance by Angela Fehr

    Blue Sunnies - trying out her colour combination and it was amazing!!
    Blue Sunnies – I tried out her colour combination and it was amazing!!
  3. Adrew Geeson – found him on you tube and his loose watercolour style is amazing too.
  4. Charles Reid – One of the first books I’ve borrowed (Painting Flowers in Watercolor With Charles Reid) and I haven’t returned it! The way he paints is very abstract in a way yet you can see detail. The colours are also so vivid. It’s amazing how the composition of his works take form.  I am a fan!!!

Learning and watching from these amazing artists, I realize that art can be learned. And there are so many painting techniques and ways out there and even a specific one unique to you. In their books and videos, you can hear them cheer you on as you try what they demonstrate. These artists have a passion for teaching aspiring artists like me.  It’s amazing how learning has become so accessible to everyone through the internet.

I want to take this opportunity to thank these amazing artists for sharing their talent to the world.  I hope to be one like them someday.

Join me in this new adventure!

Happy living! Happy Painting!


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