The 2 Part Story of Sustainable Clothing by Anne Shetty


I was about to do it.. but then I didn’t..

What is it? Pls. read on.. and thank you for your time..

When we were travelling almost a year ago from now, I knew I wanted to build a business so I can supplement our income and be able to travel more. I wanted a business that will allow me to travel and still make money independent of the location.

I researched and researched and researched.. and found out about..


Do you know FBA? It stands for Fulfilled by Amazon. An entrepreneur will conceptualize a product, have it made (mostly in China since labour and materials are cheap) and sell it on Amazon. The products will already be in an Amazon warehouse and Amazon will handle all the shipping when an order comes in. You have nothing to do but to order a product, send it to Amazon, and Amazon will handle everything for you.

Sounds lucrative right? Yes! Many have made tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds doing this. Pretty enticing!

So I researched more on how to do this.  What kind of product, the top selling items, the cost, where to get the products, how to get the products, etc. etc. etc.

At first I thought, ok.. I if only I can figure out which product and how to get this product, then all will be good? But, do I have to go to China to communicate to the suppliers? The answer was NO! It seems like all is done in Alibaba or other whole sale online platforms. I got so excited! Gosh! This would be easy peasy! I can definitely do this!

I opened an Alibaba account.  It was actually the first time I checked Alibaba.  I was astounded! Holy smokes! Wholesale price for everything is just SO cheap! Like jaw dropping cheap! I looked at it in disbelief! I can easily put a very high mark up and sell it!

I let that moment sink in a bit.. looked for products, a raincoat for kids, skirts for women, etc.  I even inquired at some of the vendors already.  We were chatting on Alibaba! Can you believe that?!

A few days after that, I was totally ready to order.  I had planned it all.  I was ready and all it takes is one click and I can order as much as I want, get it delivered to Amazon and start selling it.  I even told friends of what I plan to do.

But one morning.. I woke up and just didn’t have the peace of mind, as if something is not right.  All of a sudden, all these doesn’t align with my values.

I don’t shop a lot.  I’m a minimalist wannabe and after seeing the world with my own eyes and how beautiful it is, there is now a  calling to protect it – the place and its people.. for my children.. so that Rianne, Ryan and Renzo can still see the Penguins in South Africa and maybe we can finally spot the Rhinos at Kruger National Park, that our waters are still drinkable in all of BC, that the world will be fair, that those who worked for what they’ve done or built are actually getting paid fairly, and for them to know that their lives matter.  There’s just so many connections between our actions and everything around us.


I don’t want to be another creator or manufacturer whose vision and ideal is just to have billions of money. That is not my goal.  Making extra money is still a goal but conscientiously. Because, if not, then what is the purpose of it all.

After that realization, I was back to zero! No business ideas, nothing.

But let me take you to what happened next.. Which is the birth of me creating a more sustainable clothing line.

Check it out!

See you in PART 2!

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