Mod Podge Magic, The Recycled Box

  Does it ever happen to you where you got a box you couldn’t just throw away? Like it’s trying to tell you.. “Hey, make something out of me!”.. It happens to me very often, not just with boxes but with other stuff too, like this Ice box I turned into an umbrella holder.  You can see on this post how I used it in a photo shoot.  But I have to be very careful at not hoarding.  I have to make sure I make something out of them as quickly as possible as I can, or else it just becomes Read more […]

Christmas Sign Board

Back in November, I listed a few Holiday decor I wanted to do this year and one of them is a Christmas sign board! And I did! It’s not perfect but at least I get to try some free-hand lettering. What a learning experience! And fun to have a sign board with the exact message I want on it! The board I used is a spare shelving piece we have in our closet. We have quite a few and I’ve been wanting so make a sign board out of it! It is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey. I Read more […]

Reclaiming Our Bedroom – The Photo Gallery Wall Art

It took me almost more than a year after we moved to our home for me to decorate the master’s bedroom!! It took me that long?! When in the process, it only took one evening while the children were sleeping! Yikes! I delayed it for too long! But I am happy now.. At least, now it looked like OUR bedroom.  The walls are no longer bare! And the baby bassinet is gone!! Not that the kids are in their own room.. I will admit, we are co-sleepers.. 🙂 The master’s bedroom is still is not our own bedroom.. Read more […]

The Difference It Makes Using Annie Sloan Brushes

I’ve painted a few pieces of furniture at home using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint but I did not use her brushes right away. When I took the beginner workshop, although we used her brushes, it was not encouraged to buy it. It kind of makes sense to me in a way as it is quite an investment, so I just bought the paint and the wax.  I wanted to write this not to sell you the product but to let you know the difference it makes.  In Annie’s video tutorials and in her books, she recommends to always use Read more […]

The French Bench Makeover Reveal Post

This is my latest accomplishment! I combined upholstery and a new painting technique at the same time! I love it so much! Really! Let me call it.. The French Bench Makeover.. The bench is painted with Annie Sloan’s Decorative Paint, Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey with Dark Wax and then topped with Clear Wax with Old White.  You can see a full post on how I painted it here. But.. also, let me start this post by borrowing these words from Amanda Brown’s book SPRUCE and owner of SPRUCE Read more […]

Trying A New Painting Technique – Colouring Wax with Paint

I noticed that I’ve been very courageous with my painting career (lol.. I want it to be my career!). I always want to try new things, create what I’ve picture in my head.. just something new, new colour, new wax colour, new painting technique, new style, new look.  The best thing about DIY is that it is still original to you! I didn’t create the technique, I followed a project in Annie Sloan’s book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations (which I reviewed here) and the outcome is exactly how I wanted Read more […]

BOOK REVIEW – Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan

Feel free to call me a “DIY” bookworm.  I borrow a lot of books on painting furniture and other DIYs like upholstery as well as decorative painting.  I am just so happy we live close to a library I can take my kids where they can play with puzzles and read, while I skim through a new art or craft book! Perfect place for my family! I received Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan, 50 step-by-step ways to makeover your home for next to nothing, and I was jumping for joy!  This Read more […]

Sneak Peek – My First Upholstery Project

Oh my! I have to write! I can feel it like it’s coming out of me! It’s been a while! It was quite hectic the past couple of weeks and it will be our son Ryan’s first birthday this weekend! Actually, I should be planning his birthday.. lol.. I am, I am! You’ll see.. 🙂 MY FIRST UPHOLSTERY PROJECT Hello! I’m back with some new projects and one of them is a small bench.. My very first upholstery project! I think it was a piano stool/bench.  The size is just perfect for our home. It’s a single-seater Read more […]

Rock the Rocking Chair with Decorative Hand Painting

I never thought I can paint.. Nonetheless, do decorative hand painting on a furniture. I din’t have any art degree and the last time I remember painting was when I was still in pre-school doing potato prints. I’ve been wanting to try some simple strokes for some time and to specifically do it for this rocking chair. I did quite a lot of practice and research and found great resources which I compiled here. I was invited to contribute to the Chairs + More Charity Event in Langley, hosted Read more […]