Our Dining Table Makeover Reveal – Just in Time for Thanksgiving

HAPPY Thanksgiving! Today is Thanksgiving in Canada! And I am so happy that I’ve completed this table just in time for Thanksgiving!  May we be reminded of little and great joys and blessings of today and everyday! Here’s the dining table makeover reveal (just more photos :-p) of our new table.. or shall I say newly painted table! 🙂  I love this table! This is our first dining table.  When Ricky and I got married, his Mom gave it to us and this is one of the few pieces we took with us Read more […]

How I Painted Our Dining Table with Chalk Paint – A Sneak Peek

I love our dining table.. Yes I do! But I know it needs a makeover.  I am tired of eating on it and instead of just enjoying what I’m eating, I always look at it and it’s not so good points and say to myself “I should paint this!!”.  At last I’ve done it!! A Sneak Peak to our New (-ly Painted) Dining Table Here’s a sneak peek to it and how I’ve done it! Sort of a tutorial.. and I hope that it’ll help you do yours or any of your furnitures that needs a creative touch.  Pls… Don’t throw Read more […]

From Stencilling to Decorative Hand Painting

Introduction I’m into a new adventure.. I could not believe where furniture painting has brought me into.   I started painting home decor and home furnitures last June 23rd of this year.  It started with a small mantel clock and now, I just finished our dining table (blog post coming soon)!  It’s been four months since then and I could not believe where it took me and what creativity it has opened. I have no art degree or anything.. I grew up believing I couldn’t draw or paint.  I may have Read more […]

Dragging Painting Technique Test Piece – Not Just Another Tray

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series and a tutorial on how to do the Dragging Painting Technique. I think I am so drawn to trays.  This is the 2nd time I’ve painted a tray.. Oh wait, I did a decoupage on my first one..  I also bought a few stainless trays from the thrift store.  I may have a tray collection in no time.  Who knows?! It is just so useful, I guess and very easy to restyle as long as you have the vision. I Call This, The Boat Tray I got this tray Read more […]

What You Can Do with a Tester Pot 4oz (100ml) of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®

I wanted to write this post to let you know what you can do with a tester pot (sample pot) of Annie Sloan’s decorative paint, Chalk Paint®. What projects can you actually tackle with a small pot of paint, just 4oz (100 ml)?  Where I am, in Vancouver, it retails for  $14.95.  It does come with a price, I know.. but is it worth it?  There are 2 sizes they offer; a sample/tester pot and a 1 Litre pot.  If you’ve been wanting to try the tester pots, but wasn’t sure how much it can cover, read Read more […]

Project #6 – From Dull and Lifeless to Bold and Beautiful, The Red Table

After I did the Annie Sloan beginner painting workshop, I immediately did my first project which was the Red Mantel Clock.  I knew after I’ve done it, I have to do this table to match it.  I finally had the time and additional idea to make it happen.  Other than painting it, I decided to use some stencils and this is my first time doing it! I call this piece my “learning piece”.  I disregard my fears, went with my gut and just learned so much.  In the end, this piece has become really special Read more […]

Project #5 – From Granny to Shabby Chicy – The Rocking Chair

Why a Rocking Chair? I’ve been eyeing this rocking chair at our local thrift store and got this for $6! Wowzers! I know that with a little paint, it can be transformed from Granny to Shabby Chicy.. and it did! This is one of the pieces I look at each morning and say, I love it! I wish I had a rocking chair when I had my daughter and son. Not that we are planning to have another one soon (oh no..),  I’d love to have one for the next baby.  For now, my friends can borrow it if they want to Read more […]

A Trip to The Passionate Home

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series. This is my kind of Disneyland!  I am so glad I get to visit the store! At last! Thanks to my hubby who took me with him as he spoke at a meetup in Langley. And then, watched the kids for some ‘me’ time.. Hooray! How did I find about The Passionate Home? Before I even met Annie Sloan (just online.. lol), I developed a liking on upcycled, refurbished, reclaimed and repainted furniture so I’ve been looking at those on Pinterest, where I found Read more […]

Project #4 – Our Serving Tray

This is a post for the Anne and Annie Series. Why a Serving Tray? If you’ve been to our home, you’ll notice that we do not have a coffee table.  We did that on purpose.  We live in a 2 bedroom condo building and having a coffee table in our living room for sure would take up so much space. I wanted to have ample room for Rianne to run and jump around and Ryan to safely crawl without hitting their head on a corner or hurting themselves just in general.  So.. no coffee table at this point. Read more […]